Tuesday Haikusday: Procrastination

You guys,

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It’s the new year and I’ve been thinking about the state of my blog. We’ve been so busy here that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything really fun. I feel like my blogging has become serious and a bit, shall we say, intermittent.

Well, no longer! I’ve decided to reclaim my former hilarious glory by going back to where it all started. Not only will I bring you informative posts about special needs pets and adoptable animals, but I will also entertain you with my sharp wit and pointed stump!

Therefore, I think it’s time I bring back a few favorites, starting with “Tuesday Haikusday.”
Join me as I wax poetic about: Procrastination.

I want to do this
I am really excited
I’ll start tomorrow
The clock is ticking
I think it’s finally time
To do something else
The deadline is soon
Pencil, Paper, Ready to –
Oh! Is that ribbon?!
Down with procrastination!
PS. I wrote this post three weeks ago.


  • MEWYAY!!! We know things were crazy with MomFOD’s new job and moving, but honestly is she that lazy she couldn’t find time to type for a stump footed kitteh?! You must take the upper paw my friend and let her know this behavior will not be tolerated in the New Year. HOW are your fans supposed to make it by without having access to your wit, wisdom, snark, and obvious genius? Does she think she can keep your knowledge all to herself, for her own benefit?!
    I look forward to soaking in all you have to share my fellow special needs Cat Commander in Chief, I am here to ask for your opinion and expertise on all matters supervising, training, and disciplining human FODs. *salutes with paw*


  • I have really missed you guys!

    Procrastination could be my middle name. I procrastinated Thursday because of a time that no cat owner wants to face. My sweet Bean kitty, caretaker of me and also my little soul-mate, was obviously miserable. I made arrangements for him on Friday morning (today) at 9:00 AM. But I probably should have taken him to the vet on Thursday–instead I stuffed him with morphine to try to ease his pain. I wish I could have procrastinated to the 12th of Never but his suffering deserved better. My little boy, who had a horror of road trips and carriers, just walked into his carrier and laid down after I lifted him to his feet. He even ate a few treats. I offered him more treats at the vet’s and he ate them–right before I had him put down. He would never eat treats at the vet. I told him if I had known that he wanted them, I would have brought the entire bag. I write this haiku in his honor and in his memory:

    Today is the day.
    A day no one wants to have.
    It has come to this.

    He fought the good fight.
    The cancer has ravaged him.
    He just lies there now.

    No longer playful.
    Aware but softly fading.
    My heart is breaking.

    He will live in my heart forever…Fly free Bean…You were 12-1/2 years old, but you will always be my Sweet Baby Kitty to me.

    • So sorry on the loss of your baby boy Bean, it is the hardest yet most loving choice we as parents make for our fur babies. Fly free sweet boy, you were loved.

  • Haha! There’s a lot of the P word going on around here too! Love Dolly

  • Crepes! Boy am I happy to see you. I know we all get busy and its hard for mom to find time to help us. Even if I can’t read how you’re doing all the time I don’t mind as long as I know all is well with you.

    Your soul mate,


  • Yay! I’m so glad to see you, Crepes! I hope you find the time in your busy schedule to blog some more.

  • So good to have you back, Crepes! I’ve missed Haiku’s-day Tuesday!!

  • Welcome BAAACK……..!

    My list of “to-do’s”
    Grows longer each passing day
    I’d much rather NAP……

    Hugs, Sammy

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