The Hatch: A New Way To Comfort Your Pet While You Travel

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Today, I’d like to bring you the opportunity to learn about a product that will have excellent benefits for those with special needs pets or just regular old run of the mill pets who have all four legs, all their eyes, functional organs, etc. etc.  Today, we learn about the Hatch!

The Hatch.

The Hatch.

Now, I’m not usually one to tout the merits of a product that doesn’t yet exist, but a very kind letter was written to me by a one Jon Mirsky stating that he loved my blog (thank you), is passionate about special needs pets (good), and is hoping to launch a revolutionary new carrier that will help pets feel calmer and safer during travel. This is where he mentioned the Hatch, a carrier that will allow you to reach in and touch your pet without worrying that your friend is going to escape. Need to give a pill? Open the hatch! Want to offer a calming eyebrow rub to your kitty? Open the hatch! Need to let visiting alien ambassadors onto your ship’s deck? Open the hatch! Actually, that last one probably isn’t a feature of this particular Hatch, but you can still say it. No one will fault you.

Junior, the inspiration behind the Hatch.

Junior, the inspiration behind the Hatch.

The Hatch was a product that Jon came up with while traveling with his buddy Junior, who found his carrier unsettling and distressing. Jonathan wanted to create something that would allow a person to offer comfort and physical touch to their pet without worrying about escape or hassling with difficult snaps and zippers. And so, the Hatch was, um, hatched. It has a visual safety feature on it to show you if the hatch is indeed open and your pet is accessible to you or if it is closed and your pet is safely tucked inside with no escape possible (and I use the word “escape” in the nicest possible way.) The carrier itself is also made of “military grade ballistic nylon,” which sounds so manly and dangerous. Claws (or stumps) find it impregnable, impenetrable, and impervious to snags. Outstanding. It even has seat belt straps and packs flat for when you just want to stash it under your bed.

Sound good to you? Then now is your chance to jump on the Kickstarter to get some perks before this bad boy is released to the public. You’ll get to help fund a neat product that will offer some nice features for special needs (or normal needs) pets and get some discounts and other snazzy donor glitter, as well.

The Hatch in action.

The Hatch in action.

I wonder if my stump would fit through that Hatch…



FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Hatch and we were paid a small fee for our time to prepare it. We only bring you items that we think are relevant to our readers’ interests and all opinions are our own.


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  1. thiz carrier looks & sounds total lee awesum !!!! all de best to ewe Jon in yur endeavor; we hope ewe & junior sell 90 bazillion hatch’s !!!!

    crepes & crew: heerz two a northern squawfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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