Chicago CatVidFest: Let’s Do This

You guys!

It’s time!!

It is time for the Chicago version of the Cat Video Festival. And do you know what’s so special about this year? DO YOU?


Mwa Mwa Mwa Mwa Mwa
Mwa Mwa Mwa Mwa Mwa

We are this year’s golden kitty award winners and MomFOD and DadFOD will be in attendance! All ticket sales go to support Chicago Cat Rescue and Tree House Humane Society. In addition, this will be your chance to get some cool, brand new CATastrophes T-Shirts that DadFOD made all by himself with a little help from his buddies at Teetsy, a neat local t-shirt company who also happened to design this year’s CatVidFest Chicago t-shirts. T-shirts for everyone! (For money, of course.)  You can also purchase tickets for a special meet and greet with Lil BUB, should you be so inclined. And there will be adoptable kitties, games, and a plethora of JOY!

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.41.45 AMBuy tickets here!  Come meet the FODs. Support rescue. Touch the golden kitty! (I won’t be there, I hate crowds.)

Clear your calendar this Saturday, September 19th and come watch films!




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