A Bronze Win for Rescued and Crepes!

You guys!

Exciting news. The book for which I am the cover girl won a bronze medal in the Global Ebook Awards contest!  We have the third best cover for 2015, and it happens to be me! If you’re not familiar, let me refresh your memory:



There I am, in all my glory. The cover was designed by Debbie Glovatsky at Glogirly.com and the book was the project of our amazing editor Janiss Garza of Sparklecat.com and the photo was taking by MomFOD of, well, this blog. And, if you didn’t know, 1/3 of all sales profits from the year go to the authors’ chosen rescues, and mine happens to be Tree House!  If you haven’t read the book, at least now you can say you’ve seen the award winning cover. If you’d like a copy, you can get one on Amazon or just give me a call. MomFOD has like a trunk load of them that she’d like to sell for $12 each plus $3 shipping.

Clearly, this is something to be proud of and I shall shout from the rafters, or at least wave my stump at people to let them know how excited I am. Also, I tattooed it on my tongue:

My new tongue tattoo. I can boast every time I yawn.

My new tongue tattoo. I can boast every time I yawn.


I’m pretty sure this means that every photo of me from now on is cover worthy. Check it out:


Everything I do is bronze.

Everything I do is bronze.

It hovers over me like a halo.

It hovers over me like a halo.


I’m like this idea. What do you think?



PS. If you think you or your cat could be the next cover girl, FitCat Publishing is taking submissions for round two of Rescued! You can submit here.

19 thoughts on “A Bronze Win for Rescued and Crepes!

  1. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Concats! We loved this book AND the artwork truly is spectacular with your gorgeous self on the cover Crepes. Will you be charging for pawtographs now that your’re a Cover Girl Star???

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. I will have to give your mom a holler, Crepes. I’d like to get another copy of the book to give to a friend for Christmas.

    I am submitting Jewel’s story for the next round of Rescued. Wish us luck!

  3. Bronze? No way! Crepes you are golden, from tip to tail. So, congratulations on your well deserved award but don’t be fooled. Only gold shines as brightly as you and this project,. No matter what they call it, it’s gold throughout.

  4. Crepes! I’m just so proud of you….I could bust. A bronze award….great showing my friend. Mom read Rescued to us and dad earlier this year but she didn’t realize you were the kitty on the cover. Mom reads a few chapters of our latest cat book every night before we go to sleep. We will look forward to the next Rescued. I can relate because I was born on the streets of town.


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