Bachelorette of the Week: Adelaide!

Come one, come all to the meeting of Adelaide!

The one, the only: Adelaide.
The one, the only: Adelaide.

Ms. Adelaide Rosenburg is a bit of everything: a bit of tortie, a bit of tabby, a bit of calico. She’s what’s known as a torbie, a true lady of many cultures. Adelaide joined the team at Tabby’s Place just this summer after wandering for a bit in the outside world. Now in her senior years, Adelaide is looking to settle down in a home with a lot of cats to love and people to snuggle. Her attitude is one of joy and positivity, and so is her FIV status. But she doesn’t care, because she’s just a happy, happy girl.

Some might think that Addy, as she’s called by her friends, should have a lot to complain about, but Addy doesn’t think so, and that’s what really matters. She has had some problems with inflammation that went untreated during her years outside, and that caused her a severe case of stomatitis, which she’s currently conversing with politely. I say “conversing” rather than “struggling” because it seems that Addy’s attitude doesn’t allow her to be rude to anything, even a painful condition that required the removal of most of her teeth.

If you would like to meet this little five-pound bundle of joy, contact Tabby’s Place today. If you’d like to donate to her care, you can do so here and be certain of the fact that she’s dancing to a soft little tune in her head, and making biscuits for you, her sponsor. She never runs out of biscuits. She’s just great like that.

I have no teeth? That's ok, I didn't need them anyway.
“I have no teeth? That’s ok. I don’t need teeth to smile.” – Addy.
"Oh, is that a spot on your lap? Can I make biscuits there?" - Addy.
“Oh, is that a spot on your lap? Can I make biscuits there?” – Addy.

Lovely photos provided by Tabby’s Place.




  • She’s beautiful! I hope she finds a forever home soon!

  • Addy is gorgeous, and FIV is nothing to be scared of, so we hope she finds a forever family very soon. I’m glad she is at Tabby’s Place, because we know she’ll be loved and well-taken care of until she finds her happily ever after!

  • Torbies are the best! It’s like having several cats in one!

  • What a beautiful lady Addy is. She is tiny at 5 pounds but I am 7 pounds so I know what slim is. She has a wee speck on her nose. Kali calls it a birthmark and an indication of her beauty both out and within. She is a queen waiting for her castle.


  • hi addy ~~~~~~~~~ wavez…….nice two meet ewe gorgeouz….heerz hopin ya findz…. & iz IN ….yur new forevers ….by de end oh de month….N ya noe….teeth iz knot all that …any kinda way….ya gotta keep em brushed…. N frank lee we haz never meeted a kitteh ….ore a kid for that matter….that liked ta brush ther teeth …best fishes two ewe ♥♥♥

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