Vote for Cat Behavior Finally Explained to Win the Golden Kitty!

You guys!

I know I’ve said this before, and yet, I must ask again.


Please. Please vote for Cat Behavior Finally Explained to win the Golden Kitty Award. It is our chance to shine! And to bring the adoption message out to an even larger audience.

We try, we really do. We try hard to make videos. We try hard to get them out there. We work furiously and constantly and we give money to rescues whenever we can through the production of these videos. We want this to really work, but sometimes it seems so difficult. And so, I ask for your help because we cannot do this without you. Last time we were up for this award, it was for Catalogue in 2013. We found out we lost to Grumpy Cat but just shy of 300 votes and we regretted not making the biggest push we could have. You guys, I want to be the cat on the Cheerios box.

So please, vote now. Vote again. Vote 13 times a minute, in two browsers, with each hand (or stump). You can vote as many times as you like and I hope you take advantage of that to help us. We need your support.

Thank you.

Vote here.



See the video here:


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