Bachelorette of the Week: Snowball!

Today, I celebrate the frozen tundra of Chicago in July by introducing you to….


The one-eyed, the only-eyed, Snowball!!!

The one-eyed, the only-eyed, Snowball!!!

Snowball was raised in a home with, shall we say, too many cats. While there, an untreated eye infection lead to the loss of her eye, but the gain of an incredible, perpetually winking face! Look at how sassy she looks!

Rescued along with her brother Sunshine (something we don’t get enough of in Chicago) and her sister Snooki (something they seem to have too much of in New Jersey), Sunshine wouldn’t mind being your one and only, but she’ll also go along happily if you choose to adopt one or both of her sisters. She would prefer a nice, calm, safe home to complement her loving, trusting nature and very gentle spirit. She also has FIV. Not a big deal, though. She’s cool with her status.

If you’d like to meet Snowball and bring a refreshing blast of cool, gentle air (how’s that for a juxtaposition? Think about it…) into your home, contact Feral Fixers immediately!  Hurry, before Snowball melts….your heart with her endearing wink!

I can see where she got the name "Snowball." Am I right!?

I can see where she got the name “Snowball.” Am I right!?

"Hey there, good looking. Are you looking at me?" - Snowball.

“Hey there, good looking. Are you looking at me?” – Snowball.




5 thoughts on “Bachelorette of the Week: Snowball!

  1. snowball…hay ewe gorgeouz !!! heerz hopin ya finds yur for everz….ewe & yur familee …& we hope ya find it & iz in it by mid joo lie…..coz ther IZ…afturr all… Christmas in joo lie ♥♥♥ de best oh fishes two ewe & yur siblings ~~ 🙂

  2. Poor Snowball! She is a beautiful kitty, and I pray that she finds her true forever home with a loving and caring human very soon. Even better – I hope that her new human will fall in love with her sisters, too!

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