Bachelorette of the Week: Tabitha!

You Guys!

I know you’re excited that I’m about to announce this week’s Bachelorette, but please hold your applause because she might run away. Instead, burst with joy inwardly. Also, whisper. And, um, leave the kids at home.

May I gently present to you… TABITHA!

HURRAY! Shhhh...
HURRAY! Shhhh…

::insert silent screams of elation here:::

Tabitha grew up in an alley, but not a cool Alley like the kids in Chicago here visit to buy leather jackets. It was a mean alley, filled with garbage cans and things kitties don’t want on their fur. At six months of age, this lovely lady was rescued, but she remains steadfast in her survival skills. She loves to be petted, but gently, with a soothing voice.

HOWEVER: She LOVES other cats!  Do you have a kitty who you feel needs a companion? Then Tabitha is your lady! Think about it: a bit of wet food, you, Tabitha, a gentle CD of relaxing music, and your other kitty, all enjoying an evening of petting (slowly) and love (quietly.)

What do you think? Does she fit your needs? Great! Then call Save a Pet IL today and get this senior lady into your home ASAP, but slowly. Very slowly.

Tabitha feels NOTHING for flowers. Nothing.
Tabitha feels NOTHING for flowers. Nothing.
She can see you...but she doesn't want to hear you, Capisce?
She can see you…but she doesn’t want to hear you, Capisce?
Always let sleeping Tabitha's lie.
Always let sleeping Tabithas lie.




  • Tabitha sounds like a very nice kitty… at least if you are another kitty! And I know there are lots of kitty families who could use someone like her! Binga and I both love Boodie, and she is very Tabitha like!

  • Tabitha is beautiful…find a nice quiet home quickly my friend. I We have all our purrs set on Tabitha…” home…purr…quiet home…purr loving home…”
    Kali and Shoko

  • Tabitha is lovely! I am sure Rhette would like her but we are tapped out with 2 dogs and a cat so we are saying prayers that she finds a loving home soon. Love Dolly

  • Such a cutie- I hope she gets a forever home soon. She is one I would love to have join us, but my hubby capped me off at 15.

  • my stars Tabitha….I completely understand though we must…make that SIMPLY must… have a quiet conversation about those flowers; they are; daisies after all…I hope with all my hope that you find your quiet for evers home and we all hope you are in it by dads day…I would have let the boys say that, but they are loud mouth ….boys…. hugs girl from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

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