Bachelor of the Week: Paddy Cake

Ladies and gentleman! May I present the baker’s man of folkloric fame, the one, the only:


::insert wild applause here…no seriously. Do it. Hands clapping together is totally his thing.::

He dressed up just for you.

He dressed up just for you.

This little fellow was, once upon a time, living with a family. Unfortunately, that family lost their home and they did the best thing they knew how to do: send their tiny baking star to Save A Pet IL, where they knew he would be cared for without fail, and where they would provide him with all the things he needs to follow his passion: making biscuits.

Paddy Cake, though a bit shy about his talents, will definitely come out to see you if he knows that you’re interested in his biscuits. He also bakes cakes and will do so as fast as he can if he thinks you’re hungry. He’s excellent for birthdays, as well, and will write whatever letter you want on top of your cake. Also, he has FIV, but rest assured, he always wears rubber gloves when handling your cakes.

Paddy Cake works well with other bakers (cats) and  is ready when you are! Come meet him at Save A Pet IL and bring him into your home!

Studying the new KitchenAid line.

Intently studying the new KitchenAid line.

"I am NOT drawing that on your cake. I only do letters." - Paddy Cake.

“I am NOT drawing that on your cake. I only do letters.” – Paddy Cake.

After a long shift on the baking team.

After a long shift on the baking team.



::Photos provided by Save A Pet IL.::

10 thoughts on “Bachelor of the Week: Paddy Cake

  1. Good luck, Paddy Cake. You are super handsome and we are sending purrs and prayers for a new home for you really soon.

    Please do us a favor and remind Crepes that there will be a birthday party in the Wolverine Den tomorrow (Friday) for Allie and Andy.

    XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. DOOD !!! we troo lee hope yur bakin cakes… N donutz two… by de end oh may, just in time for … end oh may…N yur in… yur for everz home bakin thoz cakes & donutz…. for yur for everz peepulz…by de end oh may ….coz ya finded out itz ther birthday !!! best best fishes two ewe ~~~~ ♥♥♥

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