My Vet Visit and What Is Traumeel?

You guys!

First, I’m ok. Nothing serious, but you know I’d rather bathe the dog than visit one of those offices. And yet, I remained stalwart and brave during my visit, and I did not flinch. No, I did not let them see me flinch.

Editor’s note: She sure didn’t, because she hid in her carrier and wouldn’t let anyone see her face.

Me, traveling in style
Me, traveling in style (Editor’s Note: strike “traveling,” insert “hiding”

Let me recap my visit for you in a scientific way:

Reason: MomFOD decided to take me to the doctor because I’ve been exhibiting symptoms of frustration lately. I have chewed, nay “barbered,” the fur on my stump and existing hind leg. I have been cranky with the other cats, and I, um, watered my mom’s outwear.

Editor’s Note: She peed on my jacket.

Method: I got into my pod and went to the doctor for a thorough physical exam.

Note the doctor's keen interest in my stump.
Note the doctor’s keen interest in my stump. Fascinating, I know.

Conclusion: The doctor says I am likely suffering from some pain in my stump and also overuse of my hind leg. She has put me on anti-inflammation pills for the next week to see if this alleviates my symptoms. I don’t know why she didn’t just ask me how I was feeling. I could have told her.

Here’s the scoop on what we’re using:

Name: Traumeel (it was named in Germany)

What is it: A homeopathic mixture of plant and mineral extracts that are used to treat acute musculoskeletal injuries. It’s been available in other countries for more than sixty years and includes Atropa belladonna, Echinacea, Arnica montana, Matricaria recutita, Calendula officinalisAchillea millefolium, Mercurius solubilis, and Hepar sulfuris

Why use it? It’s getting an excellent reputation as an alternative to NSAIDS and cortisone and seems to have useful anti-inflammatory properties without the side effects. It helps alleviate joint pain, muscle pain, and other pain from injuries related to sprains, strains, and injuries.

How to use it: It can be given in pill form (whole or crushed), injection, gels and creams.

Considerations: Make sure you or your pet aren’t allergic to anything in the Traumeel. If using this with your pet, please get your veterinarian’s advice prior to administering it. It is also useful for people, but you’d need to consult your own people doctor for that.

The doctor gave it to me because she thought perhaps I banged my stump and have an acute inflammation. I will be on it for five days.

Have you ever used Traumeel? What do you think?



PS  Is the vet gone yet?

crepes sleepypodeye

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**Disclaimer: Please do not treat your pets with anything without consulting your veterinarian. This is not advice to treat your pet; We are merely sharing our experience with you and introducing you to what we’ve learned.**


  • Traumeel is a homeopathic preparation. Homeopathy is based on a faulty 18th century understanding of medicine. It is not approved by the FDA. It isn’t banned either, for the simple reason that it basically does nothing, therefore causes no harm. (Debatable, since avoiding legitimate medical treatment could be considered harmful; but that’s not the FDA’s realm.)

    The UK published a report in 2010 concluding that homeopathy should not be covered by the national health service. Australia’s study from about a year ago likewise found no scientific validity beyond placebo.

    Assuming this comment gets published, I may be told I have an agenda. I suppose I do, now. My agenda began when my cat was given Traumeel after abdominal surgery. When I saw that no dosage info and no ingredients were listed on the bottle or in the lengthy info sheet, and the tablets were “not approved by the food and drug administration” [sic] — note the conspicuous lack of capital letters in the info sheet — I found that mighty odd, and researched it for myself.

    Just sharing what I found. Homeopathy is quackery. And if it *isn’t* so negligible an amount as to be pointless, then why are they giving my cat arnica, belladonna, and aconite, exactly…?

  • Crepes, we are sorry you had to go to the stabby place, but sometimes they really can help you. We hope you feel better soon. One of our Mom’s friends has been using Traumeel gel for a long time and swears by it. Mom can’t use it because she is allergic to practically everything. Her only options are heat or ice. Some days, it just sucks to be her.

    Serafina, Arya, Bean, Iggy, Teddy, and Useless

  • Hope you feel better soon. Big hugs to you. Extra purrs from my kitties.
    Sue B

  • Crepes, you look so cute in the final photo. Traumeel sounded like something related to trauma, and visiting the vet can definitely be traumatizing. We’d never heard of this before and will be interested to hear if it was helpful. Get better fast. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Wes not heard of Traumeel, but looking at the ingredients, it should be okay for most animals. Wes sorry that yous not been well and wes hopes yous is 100% soon!

  • We’ve never heard of Traumeel before, Crepes. Y’know, the mom thinks I’m developing some arthritis and is now wondering if this couldn’t help me. I sure hope it helps you and you’re feeling better soon. ~Wally

  • Aaaaaaw Bootyful so sowry yous had to go to da VET. And even worse have to take medicine. We sure hope it works fur ya’. Weez’ll be purrayin’ fur ya’

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  • That traumeel stuff sounds like a good alternative to pain meds. We all know those aren’t very good for us! Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, Crepes – hope that stump of yours quits acting out!

  • WE have never heard of traumeel, but we’re going to be looking into it. With NSAIDS not a real option, it’s tough knowing what else there is available for cats.

    That last photo of you is great! You look like you’r already planning your reenge.

  • that looks like a great travel/hidey container you have there. we hope you didn’t do anything serious and are back to your normal 98% in no time 🙂

  • My human has been using Traumeel gel for muscle soreness and bruises for years! She even liked the Traumeel page on Facebook. But it has to be the gel for her – the creme does not work anywhere near as well. She’s never tried any of its versions on us kitties yet, although she heard a while back it was also good for pets.

  • Bummer Crepes! Hopefully, the medicine prescribed by the vet will help you. Mom wonders if it would help the muscles in her neck as she has advanced RA in her neck and the pain from the neck muscles can be excruciating. She understands how you feel. She is cranky…doesn’t eat clothes…yet. Could pee on someone’s foot very easily. I hope it works for you. Please keep us up to date.



  • I use the cream/gel on my human arthritic knees after seeing it work well in combination with Advil on a friend’s injury. Seems to help a little. Interesting they use it for animals too.

  • stock….best fishes with de herbz……we iz WAY happee yur vet recommended thiz N knot sum peepulz drug blah blah blah….sorree ya haz had a ruff time late lee N sorree bout de trip two de palce oh eeeeeeeevil, az all wayz….de manee blessings o st francis two ewe…..bee tween him & de herbz ya shuld feel aye oh kay way better N fine…in noe time ♥♥♥ { arnica iz grate for soar stuffz….troo lee }

  • We hope you feel better soon, Crepes ! You were very brave at the vet (and you had super pawsome SleepyPod for hiding in it…). Purrs

  • Hope you feel better soon Crepes. I have to say that’s an awfully nice place to hide out at the vet’s. I think my cat is jealous. I have never used this nor have I had any occasion to use it on my cat. I’d be interested in a follow-up to see if it worked for you.

  • I hope you feel better soon, Crepes! I use a product with similar ingredients for elbow pain and it does help! Of course, I am speaking from human experience rather than feline. Wishing you the best results!

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