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You guys!

Did you see MomFOD on Chicago’s WCIU the other day? Check out her interview where she brought Louie (as I said, I don’t like to leave the house) and talked about Tree House Humane Society, adoption, and Catdance!

Now, if we got on one TV show, we were hoping that maybe we could noticed by…


ellen team guy

Remember how yesterday I asked everyone to please support us in our go at getting Ellen to notice our web series? Well, today’s the day!  Yes, it’s lofty, but if we don’t try, we’ll never know! She loves cats, videos, cat videos, and adoption. It’s the perfect mix!

So please, send a tweet, post on her facebook page, and/or email her asking her to watch Guy LaFurrr in French CATastrophe and to support #TeamGuyLaFurrr!

Here are her links:  (I’ve suggested posts for your convenience but go ahead and write whatever you like!)


Click the link below to go directly to tweeting! You’ll have a chance to modify, if you like!  Or you can just cut and paste and tweet from your own account. Whatever you prefer!

Suggested tweet: A French kitty comes to America looking for love & wins Catdance! @TheEllenShow would love this! #TeamGuyLaFurrr


Possible post: Check out CATastrophes, a hilarious web series that does its best to help promote adoption and just won the Catdance Film Festival! #TeamGuyLaFurrr


Or you can just send her a nice note with our link:

Feel free to include a photo with any of your posts:

Le purrr.
Le purrr.






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