What’s So Great About These Bowls?

You guys.

Seriously. I cannot figure out what is so super about all these bowls. Can someone clue me in?

Nothing super here.
Nothing super here.

I thought maybe if it put them all together into some sort of formation, they might do something cool as a team, but no. They’re still just plain old bowls. I mean, the glass one is SORT of super because it kind of disappears like Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, but when I tried to launch it, MomFOD got real mad and dove onto the floor to catch it. How odd.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the neat Lucy Bowl commercial that’s premiering today, check it out here!

The Lucy Pet foundation is doing a lot to help pets get adopted, including:

○ Free and Low Cost Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinics across the country (eventually all free!)

○ Education

○ Grooming and training of shelter pets to make them more adoptable

○ Working to enact legislation benefiting pets, including banning gas chambers at shelters

– and I’m totally behind that. Lucy Pet Foundation’s #DogsVsCats football game commercial was done using live animals, and totally needs to be seen.

Happy bowl day! I hope you find a comfy one to nap in!





  • Our bowl is super when it’s filled with stinky goodness ! Purrs

  • The Lucy Foundation is indeed a great organization. Their ad was, quite literally, breathtaking. We don’t get the bowls either.

  • I don’t know what the bowl deal is either – when I try to eat the paper bowls I get served food in sometimes, my human gets upset with me! That is not super at all.

  • Crepes, The large, deeper bowl (near your head) looks a lot like the one my Mom bought for a water bowl. Why? It has a rubber bottom which sticks to the floor. The dogs can no longer knock it over.
    I, April the cat (Queen of All I Survey) am much smarter than the dogs. I quickly learned to rock the bowl with my paws! I can easily slop water all over the floor. If I get both of my rear paws in just the right position I can dump the whole bowl over.
    The best part is I then disappear (I get my drink first). The dogs come running in and start licking the water up off the floor. Guess who gets blamed? Not I. Gotta go, Mom does not know I can type.
    Meows and Purrs, April
    P.S. Best part of bowl day is lots of good food (TUNA!). Dad is so busy yelling at the TV he never notices when I lick his snack.

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