Bachelor of the Week: Knox!

You guys!

Today, I bring you a bachelor that has touched my heart, but entirely from the outside, because he would require a medical license to touch it from the inside, and he’s still in the process of obtaining his pre-med test scores.

Wondering when he'll hear your knox on his door.
Wondering when he’ll hear your knox on his door.

World, meet Knox. He was found wandering outside with a suspiciously injured leg that, while following him, was not actually contributing to the wandering. It was damaged beyond repair. A kind person, however, brought him in to Tabby’s Place, and through the a generous Circle of Compassion grant from Paws and Claws Society for Animals, Knox’s leg and wound were repaired. And now, he is like me. He has three legs, which makes him awesome. I think that if he and I had babies, they would come out with three legs and would be awesome, too. Editor’s Note: Crepes cannot and should not have babies, and even if she could, genetics does not work this way. We’re still trying to explain this to her.

Unlike me, though, Knox also has FIV, which, as you may know, means that he requires extra immune support through a healthy diet and environment, and extra veterinary care, but with these things, he can live a long, healthy life. He has giant golden eyes and is currently in the process of learning to love. Can he do it? I think he can!

Do you want to meet Knox? Well, then come on over and Knox on the door to Tabby’s Place. If it’s too far, would you consider a small donation to help with Knox’s care? Med school books are pricy.

Memorizing his anatomy terms and looking cute while doing it.
Memorizing his anatomy terms and looking cute while doing it.





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