Bachelor of the Week: Inuit!

You guys!

Did you know that many, but not necessarily all, white cats born with blue eyes are deaf? On that note…

Look into my eyes...
Look into my eyes…

May I present, Inuit, the big white cat with the roar of a lion! Inuit roars and roars and roars – because he can’t hear himself doing it, but you sure will be able to.

This lovely fellow was recently returned to Tree House because of his mighty roar, but don’t let that deter you! He’s a wonderful singing partner and, frankly, it’s hard to lose him because of instead of having to call for him, he’ll call for you.

Inuit enjoys long walks on the carpet and fun time with the laser pointer. He doesn’t care what music you listen to, as long as you do it with him in your lap. He loves to touch people and will follow you around the house whenever you’re home. He’s also skilled in American Cat Sign Language.

If you think Inuit is your snuggle buddy, contact Tree House Humane Society immediately! Hurry!



"Would you touch me? I'd touch me." -Inuit.
“Would you touch me? I’d touch me.” -Inuit.


  • He sure is a handsome fellow and would be welcome here if we were not already packed with great rescue kitties.
    Congrats on winning the 2015 Catdance film festival!
    Your pal
    Timmy Tomcat
    Buddy Budd

  • What a gorgeous boy. Wish we could bring him to our house. We know mommy misses Madison. He was our blue-eyed (not deaf) gentle man-cat who went to the RB a few years ago. We pray this lovely boy soon has a new forever home. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Look into your eyes? How about I look into your lips right before I plant a big fat kiss on them? OOOH LA LA! A man that cant hear me and is as handsome as you/ It is a dream come true! Luv, Pixie xx00xx

  • Oh Inuit, if you were a bit farther south, our mom would be SO tempted to adopt you! Maxwell would love to have another hearing-impaired brother. Just think, they could roar at each other all the time – and never hear a thing! MOL!

  • What a beauty he is, we purr for a loving forever home for him where he is totally cherished.

  • We’re both shelter kitties, and it makes us sad when a kitty gets returned to the shelter. Paws crossed that Inuit finds the purrfect forever home very soon. We just know the perfect hoomins are out there waiting for him.

  • What a beautiful cat. I love the chatty ones, too. Hope he finds his furever home soon. I am “full-up at the inn” here with six.

  • He’s gorgeous. And of course he’s loud. Silly humans. When they can’t hear themselves, they get loud, too. They should record themselves in the shower if they don’t believe us. Inuit would be a fabulous family member!

  • dood….ewe iz two kewl for werdz…….troo lee… ♥♥

    ewe N boomer shuld get ta gether;
    { him bee deaf two N hiz roar iz mitee inn deed }

    we hope with all herring N halibut, ewe finds a for ever…for evers home… N yur in it by months end ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  • Inuit…love the name. Means “the people in the Inuit language. They are known for their throat singing…is this not what Inuit is doing? A real sweetheart.


  • “I am handsome, hear me roar! Take me home furevermore!”

    I hope you find your furever home soon, Inuit!!!

  • wow he is handsome!!! interesting that he is a talker – our one deaf foster boy (also white with blue eyes) was pretty silent. 🙂 Good luck Inuit!!

  • What a handsome guy- I hope he gets his forever home soon.

  • I totally agree with mistletoeandhitch–we will be cross-posting, too. Good luck beautiful Inuit!!!

  • It makes our HuMom so sad that Inuit was returned to the shelter. She can’t understand how someone can could not love him when she’s half in love just from see the picture and reading his profile. We’ve had to make a no more kitties rule here when we hit 4 full time resident cats though, or she’d adopted every time she fell half in love. So, we will share this post on her facebook page and hope someone else sees the beauty in Inuit’s eyes.

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