Bachelor of the Week: DuSable!

You guys!

I napped TOO LONG! I slept right through Thursday. So, let’s pretend it’s Thursday and carry on like nothing is amiss.

May I present to you my Bachelor of the Week: DuSable!

I am DuSable. I shall build us a town for two. Or three. Three is cool, too.
I am DuSable. I shall build us a town for two. Or three. Three is cool, too.

MomFOD met this little champion in person and recommended him to me for today’s feature.

Now, DuSable is about 7 years old, give or take a century. He traveled all the way to Chicago from Rockford! Where the heck is that, you might ask? Chicagoans know it as that place that clogs up the traffic on the way to Madison but apparently there are also people there and, wouldn’t you know it, cats!

DuSable was saved by the Tree House Community Cats Team and given a home on the top floor of Tree House. What’s on the top floor? More cats: plump cats, fluffy cats, FIV cats, cute cats, fast cats. What’s that? You want to know more about the FIV cats? Well, fancy that! DuSable is also FIV positive! In fact, we’re pretty sure he caught it somewhere between becoming the very first settler of Chicago at Fort Dearborn and when he founded Rockford a bit later. (I think it’s pretty clear which of those projects was the most successful.)

Although he looks a bit rough, DuSable is a gentle soul. He loves soft caresses, eating from a can, and purring by candle light. DuSable is ready to once again make history and is looking for just the right person to help him. Will you let DuSable found a city in your home? He promises to name it after you.

If you want to meet DuSable and get your name on the map, contact Tree House today! Adoption fees are waived for FIV+ cats. They also come with a health contract from Tree House to help maintain their wellness throughout their lives.

This is no good. I need land with a water source. And some litter.
This is no good. I need land with a water source. And some litter.



PS. Speaking of cats and owning land, check out this latest video from CATastrophes featuring cats who can buy and sell real estate!


  • Oh DuSable, what a sweetie you are, purring for a wonderful forever home and land to call your own, for you. Love your latest CATastrophes video, Crepes you rocked the starring role!

  • Hi There Dusable! You know what? I live in Chicago too! And I love soft caresses too!! I think maybe I will have to learn more about you…Luv, Pixie xx00xx

  • That is one long snooze you took!
    We hope DuSable finds a great home very soon!

    Noodle and crew

  • What a sweet and handsome dude! We sure hope Dusable finds a wonderful forever home very soon. We can see he’s got SO much love to share!

    Katie & Waffles

  • dood….de best oh fishes two ewe buddy that ya finds yur for evers… with litter az far az de paws can toss it …..N bout 80 acres oh yur own ground…. N we hope yur in yur new home…. on thiz propertee….. by january 23rd…N stake out de kitshun furst ♥♥♥

    heerz two a pancake batfish week oh end ♥♥♥

  • DuSable has really had quite a life! I think it is time for him to retire in an awesome home of his own.

  • What a handsome boy! Kudos to Tree House for the long-term commitment they give their FIV+ cats, and Kudos to you for helping get the word out. Hopefully he will find his forever family very soon!

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