Bachelor of the Week: Max!

Today, I bring you another episode of Bachelorpiece Theater. In this episode, Max decides to attack his own tail, though the reasons why are not yet clear to us. It is, in fact, the tale of a tail, if you will.

Max 5 bachelor

Could it be ill feelings about an outstanding loan between the brothers? Perhaps Max’s tail absconded with Max’s reproductively-challenged girlfriend for a whirlwind romance in gay Paris while Max walked along, oblivious to the misdeeds? In fact, it is neither of these. It is, rather, because of:

feline hyperesthesia syndrome

I had to cut and paste that one.

BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?  It means that Max seems to have some bizarre need to fight off his tail. It causes him feelings of anxiety and fear, as well as “bouts of bizarre hyperactivity, frantic self-directed grooming (especially along the tail), tail swishing and fixation with the tail, large pupils, severe mood swings and “puffing out” of the hair, especially along the spine and tail.” (Tabby’s Place.)

Max loves people and wishes his pesky tail would stop getting in the way of his relationship with them. He’s not too keen on other cats but is slowly, very slowly, growing fond of his current roommate Mozart.  He is thirteen years old, big, brawny, and manly, and would do best in a nice, quiet home without children or other pets.

If you are interested in bringing Max (and his tail) into your home, contact Tabby’s Place. They will fill you in on the rest of his story, a story that promises drama, love, and suspense! If, however, you cannot, but you’d like to bring some respite to his constant battle and to receive monthly updates of his saga, you can sponsor him here.

feline hyperesthesia syndrome
“Don’t be obvious… but is HE still there?” – Max
feline hyperesthesia syndrome
He stole my girl….and I didn’t even realize it.
Loving life, despite the hallucinations.
Loving life, despite the hallucinations.

Love, Crepes.


  • Max….I think you need a Pixie kiss so I am sending you one! Luv, Pixie xxooxx

  • I had never heard of that hyper… hyperest… hyperestuh… Oh gosh, I can TOTALLY see why you needed to copy and paste it. But you know what? Peep #1 says that some of the traits might even be a little endearing. I’m purrin’ that someone out there will think so, too, and give this lovely boy the forever home her absolutely deserves.


  • Crepes or Alana, one of you outdoes yourself with the photo captions every time! You REALLY cracked me up this time! I’m still chuckling. 🙂

  • Poor Max – I love MY tail and can’t even imagine having an argument with it. He sounds like a nice kitty too.

  • My KaTwo has that too and I tried meds, but just as Layla Morgan wrote,physical interactive play is so important. If she gets enough of that, she doesn’t chase her tail, but if I don’t play with her when she wants, she chases it. He is a handsome guy,I hope he gets his forever home.

  • dood…best fishes two ewe on findin yur forevers….we troo lee hope yur in yur for evers by months end …N ya make peace with yur tail….they R prette kewl onze ya get ta noe em …. !! ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Aaaaaw Crepes dat Max is so handsum. Weez sharin’ and purrayin’ fur hims and hims cellmate a wunnewful furever home.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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