Slow Motion Cat Christmas!

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Today, I bring you a Slow Motion cat Christmas! Check out around 20 seconds where I get pissed at myself for smacking Louie and get all fierce! I don’t know why they made me wear the dumbest costume. I look like the jester of Christmas. Sigh.

Oh well.




PS Do you like the music? Did you know that “Carol of the Bells” is Ukrainian? It’s true! MomFOD snuck it into the end of the carol on the video as a little shout out to her heritage. It’s based on a Ukrainian tune called a Shchedryk. 

23 thoughts on “Slow Motion Cat Christmas!

  1. stock! de food serviss gurl, iz on vacationz N wented ta get foodz N leeved her cell ewe lar dee vize at home …and ON!!! whatz yur number we will call N chat til her getz bak N run de phone bill up…big time!!! we loves thiz mewvie N gived it even bee yond 984 paws up! A veree Merry Christmas two ewe all~~~~~ loves frum de land o trout =^..^=

  2. It’s kind of comforting to see that we’re not the only cats whose moms like to humiliate by dressing them up in clothes and taking pictures and videos. In my house the furry beasts have it far worse than us cats, but they don’t seem to mind. I’ll never understand them.

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