Bachelor of the Week: Charlie!

Oh! I have a DOOZY for your today!

Do you like to snuggle? Do you like gigantic man cats who are almost too big to hold? What about gray cats? How about one-eyed cats? YOU DO?!?! Fantastic, because that’s who we have today!


World, meet Charlie. This gigantic hunk of mancat was living in a junkyard. One day, a kind man tried to help him and do you know what Charlie did? He jumped into his car! You see, Charlie loves cars. It was the only thing that was really keeping him going during his junkyard days – perusing all the shiny, rusty, smooshed up cars that came around. One day, he hopes to build a porsche from scratch. True story. He even has the hood ornament all ready to go, except he won’t show anyone who doesn’t adopt him.

Besides his love for muscle cars, Charlie loves to cuddle and ride on shoulders. Also, he has FIV and diabetes. He probably picked up the FIV on the street, most likely when someone insulted one of his rides. The diabetes just kind of happened. Also, he’s missing an eye, but he only needs one to target you with. Target for what, you ask! Well, snuggles, of course!

If you think you have space in your home for a bear hugger with a constant sassy wink, contact Tabby’s Place today! Charlie sure would be grateful. He might even let you ride in his porsche one day. If you can’t fit this big boy into your house, consider leaving a donation for his care. He’ll use part of his for his needs and I’m sure Tabby’s Place will let him keep part for his porsche fund.

Debating the merits of high-walled vs. low-rider tires.
Debating the merits of high-walled vs. low-rider tires.
"Is that a finger print on my newly waxed car?!?!" - Charlie.
“Is that a finger print on my newly waxed car?!?!” – Charlie.
"Will you be my passenger for life?"  - Charlie.
“Will you be my passenger for life?” – Charlie.




PS. Our buddy Mittens from Texts From Mittens has just put his book on pre-order! If you love Mittens, get your copy reserved! If you don’t love Mittens, you need to open your heart to his witty ways.



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