Bachelor of the Week: Salinger!

You guys!

This week’s bachelor was chosen specifically by MomFOD. She went in to Tree House yesterday and, while she was waiting, a very debonair little fellow walked up to her and charmed her into taking his photo! When she read his story, she insisted that we share it today.

In or out... in? or out?
In or out… in? or out?

Picture it: 2004. A two-year-old Salinger finds what appears to be his forever home. Many years go by and all is seemingly well, until one day, Tree House gets a call from a suburban rescue that Mr. Salinger has appeared. From the looks of him, (missing toe, terrible tooth troubles) he had been outside for quite a few years. Tree House attempted to contact the adopters but were unable to get a reply. They have no idea why this handsome man was abandoned. They took him in, fixed up his dental problems, and he’s now ready to find a new home for his senior years!

Salinger is now missing all teeth except his canines. He has a suspected case of IBD and pancreatitis, but he won’t let it stop you from loving him. He also loves long walks along carpeted hallways, head pats, and eye gazing.

I like to think that Salinger stepped out of his happy home for a moment, just a moment, and a giant wind came and swept away his well-meaning family. He went on the road from there peddling apple juice that he made from windfall apples he found on the side of the highway and was able to afford warm beds at animal hotels each night.

But I know that isn’t the truth. Sadly, the truth sucks.

This little guy really deserves a good, warm, happy home. Can you give it to him?

Having a stroll down memory lane. He walked that hall as a young adult and now again as a senior.
Having a stroll down memory lane. He walked that hall as a young adult and now again as a senior.



PS. If you’re in the Chicago area, don’t forget about Tree House’s Lights of Love! It’s this Saturday, December 13th, from 4 to 8 pm. They’ll have crafts for sale, veggie appetizers, tours of the house, and a lighting ceremony. You can ask that a white light be lit for anyone you have lost and want to remember. It’s a really nice way to honor those that have left us.

For details, click here!


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