Bachelor of the Week: Todd!

Today, we have a man of mystery. In fact, I know nothing about him.

This is Todd. He might like tuna. I'm not really sure. That's for you to find out.
This is Todd. He might like tuna. I’m not really sure. That’s for you to find out.

His description on the Tabby’s Place page hasn’t been filled in and his likes are unknown, save for cats. He likes cats. Really, who doesn’t like cats is the better question?

But why is so little known of this orange and white enigma?

When little Todd was only three months old, a mere baby, he came in to Tabby’s Place afraid of the world. Now six months old, his timid nature was overcome by the volunteers of Tabby’s Place and Todd no longer fears being touched by people, but he does still fear other things in the world.

Todd is looking for a special someone to protect him from the things he fears, to shield him from the evil vacuum and courageously safeguard him from the winds of winter. Todd needs someone to keep him safe. And so what if so much of his life is an unknown? It means life with Todd will be full of surprises and you and he can unravel together.

Todd before he let love in.
Todd before he let love in.

Todd is a novel that you can take to bed with you nightly for the next two decades. Todd is a love story, an adventure, and a light-hearted comedy all rolled into one. Todd is the literature that lasts for ages.

Will you give Todd a chance? Please do. If he could take a leap of faith and let someone pet him even in the midst of all his fears, you can take a chance on his unknowns and be the person he’s been waiting for.

Todd realizing how grand love is.
Todd realizing how grand love is.




PS. Read this absolutely beautiful tribute to Todd written by Angela at Tabby’s Place. I couldn’t have said it better myself, which is saying something.


  • Oh Todd, you have stolen our hearts…Angela’s tribute to you is profound. Wishing you the most special of forever homes where you are safe, loved, understood and cherished.

  • What a courageous kitty to learn to trust! We are all purring and praying that someone will open their arms and give Todd the home he deserves with patience and love!
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  • Todd is beautiful, and having traveled the road from fear to trust with Ashton, we know how heartwarming it is to watch a kitty gain that trust in select humans. We’ll be purring for timid Todd to find an understanding home that can give him the time he needs to learn his confidence bit by bit.

  • It is a beautiful thing when a kitty learns to trust and love. It means we mere humans have been judged and deemed “worthy”. And so many humans are, unfortunately, not… An animal will always let you know The Truth. Hope that handsome boy finds his forever home soon!

    Purrs, Serafina, Arya, Bean, Iggy, Teddy, and Useless

  • dood….we iz troo lee sorree ya went thru what ya went thru N we troo lee hope ya findz yur for evers by
    de 17th oh decemburr ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ de best oh fishes two ewe ~~~~~

  • Todd has been through so much in his short life! I hope he finds a home soon that gives him the happily-ever-after ending he deserves.

  • Todd is absolutely adorable – love his long hair and the sweet look in his eyes. When he first came to Tabby’s Place he had the best “airplane ears” I’ve ever seen!!! My wish for the holidays is that tons of kitties find their forevers – – it’s the BEST gift ever – but I’m going to put Todd at the top of my wish list. Good luck Todd……gingers are special (I ought to know!).

    Hugs, Sammy

  • Mistletoe and Hitch’s HuMom here,
    Todd looks like a sweet love who would be fulfilling to live with and care for. Sadly, in my case, the four felines that let me live here have a firm no more pets policy that extends to the limbo kitties that visit their front porch. ( I sneak food and shelter on to the back porch which has no windows overlooking it, but please don’t tell.). I hope Todd finds his forever home soon and can learn to feel safe and loved.

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