Tuesday Haikusday: Winter

I know it isn’t supposed to be winter just yet, but it seems, from what I can see out the windows, that winter has arrived. But then it left. But then it came back again. And left. And now it’s here. Maybe. Let’s discuss in poem. Eh ehm…crepes in a fur hat 2

If I were a bird,

I’d get my ass to LA

and get an agent.


Hot chocolate, holly,

Mistletoe & nutmeg are

toxic to kitties.

Sweater, mittens, hat.

Tomorrow, t-shirts and shorts.

Weather has mood swings.


I see the coldness

Through the frosty window panes.

Glad I have no job.

Do you have a haiku to share with me? TELL ME!



PS. Today, we have for you the trailer for JURASSIC PURR. PREPARE YOURSELVES.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: Winter

  1. Crepes, I have lived there. Been there, done that. No more.

    Earthquakes, mudslides, and wildfires (no thank you).

    Freezing rain, slush, muck go away.

    Snow , snow, snow. Soft, white, pretty snow.

    Warm, furry kitties. Fluffy dogs. Fireplace. Someone else hauls the wood.

    Bonus line: Humans have a pot of stew, bottle of wine, and do not need to go out anywhere. Cuddle with warm kitties and dogs by nice fireplace in warm home. Chocolate for dessert.
    Warm turkey for kitties and doggies.
    My second haiku!
    Jurassic Purr is cool.

  2. if ewe were a burd
    chancez R we wood knot post
    coz we wood knot reed

    yur blog ta start with
    coz itz de burd thing ya noe
    ewe R knot a burd

    sew pleez say noe stock
    pleez just say noe two featherz
    N burdz oh all kindz

    thanx !

  3. Our Mom has not been visiting for a while because Bean had to have his spleen removed and they found TWO kinds of cancer…she’s also broke because it cost over $5,000.00…on top of the $4,000.00 when Natasha died in June. She is heartbroken because he is her little soulmate. She is taking him to see an oncologist next week.

    Winter makes Mom think of the unwanted, the abandoned, the lost and the feral. Please excuse her darkness…

    Crystalline snowflakes.
    A cold wind ruffles my fur.
    Will I starve tonight?

    Dumped by my owners.
    Not a kitten anymore.
    Ice burns my paw pads.

    See in the distance
    a warm and inviting light.
    Dare I venture forth?

    I see a young boy.
    He throws sticks and stones at me.
    Humans are evil.

    I am all alone.
    Shivering in cold and damp.
    Will I die tonight?

    Our Mom’s most fervent wish is that all beings in Winter are safe, warm, and have a full belly–especially the kitties.

    Purrs, Serafina, Arya, Bean, Iggy, Teddy, and Useless

    Pee Ess: Cute video. I love what you do!

    • oh no! So sorry to hear about your friend. I hope Bean pulls through ok!! Sending tons of purrs. We hope, too, that all kitties everywhere find a safe, warm place. Thank you for caring. – Crepes and Alana.

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