Bachelor of the Week: Mango!

Sometimes, a bachelor comes along who is different, who thinks outside the box.  A bachelor who does what HE wants to do, who doesn’t let the man tell him what’s what!

This week, we have that bachelor and his name is Mango.

Mango, the man who thinks outside the box.
Mango, the man who thinks outside the box.

You see, Mango is perfectly healthy. There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s chatty, he’s affectionate, he’s beautiful. Everyone who comes to Tabby’s Place falls in love with him immediately. Why, then, is he on the Forgotten Felines list? Why has he been at Tabby’s Place for more than a year? Let me tell you in poetry:

Mango here and Mango there

Mango everywhere, even under the stairs.

Mango high and Mango low,

Mangoes where he’s not supposed to go.

Mango plays and Mango talks

Mango goes on hallway walks

Mango poops and Mango pees

On the floors and in the trees.

Everywhere except the box

But he’s big and handsome, what a fox!

In all seriousness, we’re not sure what happened to Mango to make him refuse the use of the litter box. It could have been a past experience, but he’s good at keeping secrets. It would take a really special home to have Mango in it, and we know that that may never happen. Mango still needs care, though, so if you’d be willing to donate to his forgotten felines fund to help him continue enchanting visitors to Tabby’s Place, you can read more about him here.

Who knows, though? He’s been making some improvements lately. Maybe Mango just needs to right person to look into his eyes and tell him it’s ok.

Mango having a little chat.
Mango having a little chat.
Mango has turned his poem into a song. He calls it "Mangoes."
Mango has turned his poem into a song. He calls it “Mangoes.”
Mango enjoys friendship.
Mango enjoys friendship.






  • Thank goodness for those good folks at Tabby’s Place. We’re glad Mango has a place where he’s safe and loved. And thank YOU for featuring him, Crepes!

  • dood….de best oh fishes two ewe that ya finds that for evers home….N purrhaps sum “cat attract” in de box wood help; we used it heer for a sir tin gurl that we willna menshun …dai$y…when her had box izzues & her
    visits de box everee day now…..heerz hopin yur in yur for evers by thanx bee giving ♥♥♥

  • Mango, we feel your pain! Giulietta has begun having some litter box issues (which Mom is trying to “fix”) and our sponsored kitty at PAWS, Swizzle, has the same problem. Hope the folks at Tabby’s place can help this handsome man-cat so he can find a loving home. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Mango sounds like a great guy in every way, except the way humans seem to consider most important! Well, I hope the humans at Tabby’s Place solve his mystery – that would be awesome!

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