Bachelorette of the HalloWeek: Janey!


Spider Crepes! I’m not a fan of the taste of bugs, as you can see by the look of dissatisfaction.

You Guys,

I have saved the Bachelorette of the week for today, one of the greatest days of the year. I love Halloween! Is it the candy? No, I can’t have any. Is it the costumes? Haha. F&?# those. No cat likes costumes. Listen, what I love about Halloween is the scary movies!

Oh, how I love to listen to scary movies. I mean, I can’t watch them, they’re too scary, but instead, I hide under the couch and I listen to all the screams and ghosts and I pretend I can see them. Oh what fun!! It’s like a couch fort. No matter that I do that every day. When I do it on Halloween, it’s extra special! Also, DadFOD likes to hang small, winged rodents from the ceiling and I like to bat at them. Get it? Bat at them? Eh hem… moving on…

Today’s Bachelorette doesn’t have a super great special need, except for a home.

Janey, looking fabulous, as usual.
Janey looking fabulous, as usual.

Meet Janey. Janey was find by a kind lady when she was pregnant (Janey, not the kind lady) and she was given a safe place to give birth. She’s in the system now, though, and has been for over a year, and really doesn’t like it.

Janey is looking for someone with a very soft touch, a soft voice, and a really, really soft bed to take her in. She gets on well with dogs and other cats. She loves to cuddle, it just takes her some time to get to know you.

If you’re willing to take a chance on Janey, please contact Save A Pet IL today. A home would be the biggest treat Janey could get today.

Happy Halloween!



Daydreaming of her new home.
Daydreaming of her new home.
She sees you coming to take her home and she' s very, very excited.
She sees you coming to take her home and she’ s very, very excited.



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