Bachelor of the Week: Gomez! – ADOPTED!

Today, dear readers, I bring you a man of mystery, a man of darkness, and man of playful FIV positivity!

Gomez, man of lots of things you'll have to discover on your own.
Gomez, man of lots of things you’ll have to discover on your own because he’s too mysterious to tell me.

World, meet Gomez. This two year old package of awesome is an active fellow. He loves to run, jump, and play. What I’m saying is that he’d rather act out the Addams Family with you than watch it on TV, know what I mean?

Gomez loves people, romantic runs around your dining room table, and being stared at adoringly. He’s a bit of a rough player, so he’s not really into a home with young children, but older kids are just fine. He gets along ok with other kitties, but he can be a bit of a rough player, so sensitive souls aren’t recommended. He would also do well as an only cat. The possibilities are just endless with Gomez!

If you didn’t catch my drift earlier, Gomez is FIV positive, but he’s not too concerned about it and, as we people are learning more and more, you don’t need to be either. With regular veterinary check ups and a healthy diet, Gomez will lead a long, happy life, just like other kitties.

If you’d like to meet Gomez, check out his page at Cat Guardians in Lombard, IL today!

Like a shadow, but with a string.
Like a shadow, but with a string.
This is Gomez's tummy. Just in case you needed further enticement.
This is Gomez’s tummy. Just in case you needed further enticement. You know you want to touch it.





  • Gomez is such a handsome panther and he sounds like a real fun guy, many purrs to him for finding the right and perfect forever home soon.

  • Gomez, you are one good lookin’ dude….so from what Charles says you are a big dude. Hope you find your forever home soon.


  • He is handsome with a capital H! I really hope he gets adopted with his shelter bromate! Luv Pixie xx00xx

  • we totally LOVE PANFURS! yeah, I know…The Kid Sage IS a panfur but Mom L made me leave this comment…as for Gomez I luvluvluv him cuz he doesn’t live with ME…na’mean! And like all adult rescue cats he deserves his very own human servants

  • Stumps up, I volunteer at Cat Guardians, Gomez is one of my favorites at the shelter. Actually he should be called Lurch, he is big kitty. Gomez is the Lurch to Kansa’s, previous featured bachelor of the week, Gomez Adams. They are great shelter pals and really need a home to go to together, act our their own furry Adams Family antics!!!!

  • dood. !!! how kewl iz thiz…coz cuzin it bee fee chured on R blog two day….

    hay, de best oh fishes two ewe gomez… that ya finds, and R in…yur for evers…by months end
    sew ya can chillax in front oh de tee vee at howl o ween time… & watch yur namesake on dee vee & dee

    crepes N crew: happee week oh end two all, heers two dusky grouper ♥

  • Gomez is certainly a beautiful, sleek panther – hopefully someone snaps him right up and takes him home FOREVER!

    Hugs, Sammy

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