Bachelorette of the Week: Baby Powder!

You guys!

baby powder bachelorette

You’re going to want to hurry on this hot little number, not only because she’s amazing, but because she’s 17 and needs a home ASAP!

Baby Powder is the oldest resident at Save A Pet Il, which I’m pretty sure means she should be the next out the door! She recently discovered that she has the very earliest stages of renal failure, but I’d say that’s not too bad for someone that’s like 388 in human years. (I’m just kidding – it’s not that old. I just refuse to count in people numbers properly.)

Baby Powder loves to chat. She used to live in a home for four years, but apparently the people weren’t much for conversation and they gave her up. Quite honestly, it was probably for the best because if she wasn’t appreciated there, well, then, fiddle sticks to them.

This silky black beauty demands lots of attention. She does ok with the other cats but would likely prefer to be your one and only.

If you think you can give Baby Powder the conversational stimulation she requires, then get over to Save A Pet IL and meet her today!

A basket of Baby Powder. What a thoughtful gift to give yourself. Go ahead. Treat yourself.
A basket of Baby Powder. What a thoughtful gift to give yourself. Go ahead. Treat yourself.
“More. More vocabulary words. Now.” – Baby Powder.







  • Baby are beautiful and I love your basket! Luv, Pixie x00xx

  • I love her!! Unfortunately I’m in Canada with mom and Kali and we have enough or mom has enough to care for. She loves to talk….so do I! We could settle all the problems in the world. I sure hope she finds her forever home real quickly.


  • baby powder; ewe iz a beautee …thatz for sure… N we hope yur for evers peepul(z) come by bee fore monthz end;

    take ya home,…. N everee one can catch up on whatz been happenin in ther lives for de past 17;

    ore talk fish…pie recipes, latest mewvie ree views….

    best best fishes two ewe ♥♥♥

  • Seventeen……oh I hope someone can give her a wonderful safe home for the rest of her years – she’s gorgeous!! Really doesn’t look that age at all…..there’s a lot of fun and mischief in those pretty eyes!


  • Aaaaaaw Baby Powder is gawjus. Weez shawin’ and purrayin’ fur da bestest furevew home evew. 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  • Baby Powder looks like a very nice girl! But geez, I hope whoever adopts her changes her name! She does NOT look like baby powder!

  • We hope she can find a great home soon! The oldest kitty at Cat Care is 18, but cats can live to be 20 or more these days (just look at Merlin over at Cat Wisdom 101)! 🙂

    She sounds like a great kitty to have nice long talks with.

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