Bachelor of the Week: Strawberry!

You guys!

Today, let me introduce you to Strawberry, a sweet, organic, and tasty (this will be confirmed should I bathe him in the future) little fellow who is in need of a home! Let me tell you his story.

This is Strawberry. He loves you.
This is Strawberry. He loves you.

One night, Strawberry showed up on the doorstep of Save A Pet IL. He was about six years old and unclear as to how he got there. After scanning his microchip, Save A Pet contacted his owners and, as it turns out, they could give no particular reason for abandoning him other than “just because.” And so, this fragrant, ripe little fellow went into the shelter – where he’s been for SIX YEARS.

Strawberry is now 12 years old and is still waiting for someone to come and love him. He goes well with cream (as long as he doesn’t eat it, cuz, you know, gas), will sit by you while you drink champagne, and will love you for the rest of his days. He also loves to kill the laser dot though, to date, his efforts have been unsuccessful.

Strawberry has, unfortunately, developed diabetes, but (and here’s where Save A Pet IL is really cool), you can opt to permanently foster him, and Save A Pet IL will pay for his medical needs for the rest of his little life.

Add some fresh Strawberry to your fall season and come meet this little fellow today!



Strawberry near a bowl of fresh cream (it's actually water).
Strawberry near a bowl of fresh cream (it’s actually water).
One of Strawberry's unsuccessful attempts at capturing the red dot. One day.
One of Strawberry’s unsuccessful attempts at capturing the red dot. One day.




  • My darling 3 pawed niece, you always give me a good laugh to go along with the awwwwwwwwwww I feel for your featured cat in need of a home. Strawberry is adorable and Clove, Kaspars, and I will keep our paws crossed he finds a deserving, loving family once and for all. This poor fellow has gotten the short end for far too long– to be dumped by your family for no good reason other than they are pieces of crap in the litter box, developing diabetes, and waiting 6 yrs at the shelter!! There HAS to be someone out there who will step up for this sweet senior, I wish I could take them all in.

  • i hope u find your forever home kute kotty if i idnt have 6 already and live in ny i would take u ,im sharing on one of my kitty groups hopefully someone will help out

  • We can’t believe that handsome ManCat doesn’t have a forever home after all this time. We sure hope the purrfect home comes along soon.
    The Florida Furkids

  • I would so love to see Strawberry find a home – what a sad story about him getting abandoned so heartlessly like that.

  • SIX yeaaaaaaarrrrsss!!! Seriously???? How about transport to another area?? Mom L and I are stunned…diabetes is NOTHING!! Send Mom L the details of where he is, who to contact…lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net and we will work our…ummmm…welll…’my’ tail’ off to get him his very own home anywhere in the USA!! GO STRAWBERRY!!

  • OMC! Abandoned just because? That is so wrong. Strawberry is a handsome guy and we purr that he finds his furever home. But we’re grateful that he is well taken care of at the shelter.

  • I, too, volunteer at Save-a-Pet in the MCR (main cat room), and Strawberry if one of my favorite cats to visit with (along with Moon Shadow, his roomie). He is a AWESOME cat, and I would take him in if I didn’t already have four….

  • I love Strawberry, he’s one of my favorites at the shelter! Once he knows you, he just wants to be petted and loved and has a big purr!!!

  • dood….ewe bee two kewl for werdz buddy sew wee will toast two yur for evers home success witha strawberry dac o ree !!! YAY !!! hope ya finds yur forevers bee fore de 15th oh de month ♥♥♥♥♥ best oh fishes !!

  • I’ve volunteered at Strawberry’s shelter, and he is one of the coolest cats there…very playful and adorable…please, someone take this sweet boy home!

  • Oh him’s so cute. Meez just dusn’t unnewstand sum idiots. Meez can’t even call ’em hoomans. But weez shawin’ and purrayin’ hims gets a meowsy good hime and soon.

    Luv ya’


  • Poor little guy…………..”just because” is a hideous reason to dump a cat….unbelievable….and to be stuck in a shelter for six years? Also very sad……..I hope someone steps up, takes Strawberry home and gives him the DREAM HOME he deserves after the life he’s led. Sending purrs and prayers…..big time.

    Hugs, Sammy

  • I don’t understand how people can abandon their pet “just because”. Would you abandon your child “just because”? They don’t deserve to have a pet. I hope this sweet little fella finds a permanent home or a permanent foster soon.

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