Joe the Cat

NOTE: There is one photo below depicting Joe’s injuries. We show it here to illustrate his progress in healing.

You guys!

Today, we have a very special guest. You may already know him. Having survived seventeen shots to the head, this little survivor is using his online presence to help other sick, abused, and special needs kitties find justice and homes. Please welcome Joe the Cat.

This is Joe after his recovery.
This is Joe after his recovery.

C: Welcome, Joe! Tell me about your life before the accident.

Joe: Well, I was a pretty good boy cat.  I recall having a human for a while, but then…..  then i didn’t anymore.  So I hung out in my part of the hood thinking maybe that human would come back, but he never did. And i started to learn to live in the streets, and I found some neighbors who fed me regularly and left food out for for me. So i did my own things and checked out other hoods too, but I mainly hung around that one…   you know, just in case…  my human might show up, after all…!

C: Your human sounds like a *!#@$. Please continue. Tell us about the accident that left you with your injuries..

J: i don’t really remember what happened to me on the bad day…   things are fuzzy and such, because most of it is a blur. Sometimes I do get nightmare type flashbacks, but I haven’t had one of those scary things for a little while now.
C: Take your time. 
J: When I was attacked, I was subdued and shot in the head seventeen times with a pellet gun. I lost an eye and one pellet remains lodged in my head, and then I was dropped on the road for dead.   Mr. Bruce Ritchie, the Sarnia Humane Society and the Blue Cross Animal Hospital are responsible for saving my life!
This is Joe shortly after the attack.
This is Joe shortly after the attack.
C: We’re so glad they did. Where are you now?
J: I have just gone to my trial foster home, to see how I handle myself in real life situations and see if I am a “good fit,”   whatever that is, I dunno.  But I do know the word GOOD,  because I get told Good Good Boy ALL the time now.  It’s good to know you are so good.  I don’t get what i did,  but no one is mad or screaming at my or trying to throw a can at me, so this must be what good is. I am liking good.
C: All cats are good cats, Joe. Some people just fail to see that, but we’re glad you found ones that do. You’ve been raising money for animal welfare, correct?
J: Yes, money was raised! LOTS AND LOTS,  too-   I needed about $4,000 to cover my treatment.   As a result of me coming on board and pushing donations to the Sarnia Humane Society, $35,000 was raised. We’ve also completed a 30,000 signature petition for harsher animal cruelty laws & punishments, and that was presented to the Sarnia courthouse last week,   And our second petition for the establishment of an Animal Offender Registry is close, too.   (these petitions can be signed from anywhere in the world)
Joe in one of his many celebrity poses.
Joe in one of his many celebrity poses.
C: That’s fantastic. How do you feel about helping other animals?
J: Joe has a special place in his heart for the injured, blind, and otherwise challenged kitties out there. When I (accidentally) started my Facebook page, it was all the other cats- like myself  that welcomed me.  I often couldn’t figure out Facebook.  I had never been an admin, so when I had trouble, I asked my furrends and they helped-  someone was even doing shady things on my page and it was a furrend-fan that told me about it- and then went and actually cleared up the matter!!    So Love abounds, and has come in all forms!
C: We agree, Joe. The animal community online is a wonderful collection of people.Anything else you want to add?
J: Please sign and consider sharing our petition. WE ARE DEMANDING CANADA ESTABLISH A NATIONAL ANIMAL CRUELTY OFFENDER REGISTRY. (We have registries for other offenders, right?)
Joe trying out a new look while campaigning.
Joe trying out a new look while campaigning.
C:  Thank you for doing what you do!
For more information on Joe the Cat, please visit his fan pages.
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  • Signed the petition. Joe, I think that humans who do these things should start to spontaneously combust BEFORE they commit the act! Love you, Joe. Hope the rest of your life is all kindness and comfort.

  • Joe..may I send you a Pixie kiss? You deserve many ! Luv, Pixie xx00xx

  • dood…we got sum werds all rite but we canna even bee gin ta list em all ore type em….

    & knot haz crepes dee lete for werd use….

    we will sign yur petition N we will ask St Franicis two bless ewe 1000 fold

    N we will say blessings N then sum two everee one who haz helped ewe on yur journ knee

    & we will curse, like an act shoe ull CURSE…. de……… *($%@&(@#)_@@^^^@***!())#@(!~)!(# ……. who did thiz two ewe …..♥♥♥♥♥

  • Joe is on a very good mission! It’s true, the animal cruelty laws need to be MUCH stricter! I hope things go well with Joe’s trial foster.

  • It wuz so vewy nice to meet Joe. So sowwy hims had to go fwu da bad fing. Weez just not unnewstand sum peeps. But weez so gwateful hims gettin’ better. Hims is so handsum.

    Luv ya’


  • This is when Peeps are at there worst. Both mom and I can’t understand such mean behaviour by “so called” intelligent humans. A gorilla would show more compassion.

    (((Shoko and Jean)))

  • I sometimes don’t understand the human race. I’m so sorry for what happened to you Joe. I salute you for overcoming the torture you endured and going on to help other animals in need. My kitty and I send you paw hugs & kisses

  • We got leaky-eyes reading Joe’s story…..I think the worst part other than the PAIN of that kind of abuse and torture is knowing how very confused poor Joe must have been – losing his so-called “home” – learning to make his own way then being tortured and left for dead. Our hearts break at these stories but what’s happening NOW to Joe is the story that we love to hear – – – success – safety – healing – love.

    Pam and Sam

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