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Today, I act as medium once again to bring you a psychic reading from Psychic Source. Hold on, let me put on my Psychic Headshot:

crepesmediumExcellent. Let’s begin.

Today’s question is from Layla of  She wanted to know about her cat Merlin, who is almost twenty years old. She asks:

“What do I need to know about my relationship with Merlin.”

I provided Nancy with the following photos.
merlin and gris gris sunbathing on porch Merlin
Here is her reply:

The first thing that came into my mind was, How much you want to please Merlin and make him feel comfortable in his home. I could tell from looking at him how much he is loved and well cared for. Perhaps Merlin had or has a few medical problems, but…..You have done the Best for him and he is comfortable today. You have helped him to recover from something which he may not have been able to recover from without you. You make him feel reborn. And, your relationship is special and also spiritual. I feel you were brought together for a reason. You have helped him in many ways, and he has helped you in many ways. Together you have picked up the pieces of both of your lives, and helped each other to move forward in a more positive way. You understand each other without having to speak. If you’re feeling down, he is there for you and visa versa. I call this a magnetic connection, which you do not experience many times in one’s life.

Merlin wants to be with you always….But as we know that is not always positive. One thing I do feel is that he will be reborn and come to you again in your life….just in another form. You will know its him when it happens to you down the road. He can feel that you need him, as much as he needs you. Use your positive energy to enjoy your special bond, and know that he does Love you very much.
You know too that there is something special about Merlin. Enjoy him and talk to him. He understands more than you may realize. 

I hope this has helped you and Many Blessings for all you do for Merlin and other animals too.

Nancy X8068


There you have it!  Another insightful reading from Nancy. Now, I did NOT give her Layla’s name prior to the reading, only the question and photograph. I know that Merlin is, indeed, very special to her, and Nancy’s reading had many points that were very applicable to Merlin’s life.


If you’d like to get a reading with Nancy or another Psychic Source psychic, you can do that here!  OR, you can submit your question to MOI and I will choose one for next month! Let me know what you want to know and I’ll pass one lucky reader’s question on to Nancy. Make sure I have your email address so I can contact you for a photograph.

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***Disclaimer: Any advice given in this column should not be used in lieu of advice from a licensed professional or veterinarian with regards to health or behavioral matters of your pets. Always check with your vet before embarking on any new treatments. For entertainment only.***

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  • Crepes !1 I have been waiting and watching all day for the Tuesday Haiku–are you In New zealand or somewhere where it is really Wed? I am submitting a Guest Haiku.


    They are not Mondays nor are they Fridays
    They are days filled with words that dont always make sense

    They are Haiku Days
    when we are do some haikuing
    Crepes is our mentor
    but here could she be?
    Haiku Tuesdays are not the same without her
    waxing poetically like a Brazilian lady.. where are you Crepes?


  • that was really special for Miss Layla and her precious Merlin. I think I would like to know why I am still, at 8 years old, so afraid someone will harm me. I have been in my forever home for almost 3 years so the first 5 years are a blank. my email addy is ms dot savannahcoolkat at gmail dot com

  • That was a great reading for Layla and Merlin!!
    We would love to know what has happened to Clementine!!
    It is very interesting!
    Your TX furiends,

  • Very interesting ! We wonder what Layla thinks about Nancy’s reading and hope she finds comfort in it ! Purrs

  • I know that Layla will find great comfort in that. I would love to know what she would say about Abby and how she feels about the separation we have?

  • We know that Layla loves Merlin a lot, and I hope this reading brought her some comfort.

    I do have a question for Nancy if we are picked for next month’s reading.

    I would like to know if I did the right thing for Jewel? Is Jewel happy where she is? Can Jewel hear me when I speak to her?

    Love and purrs,
    Carmine, Milita, and Mom Sierra

  • BOO-YAH! What a great reading for those two! We truly think that people have the gifts to see beyond the surface and Nancy saw right in to them! We would love it if someone could tell Mom about what is up with our brofur Tipp, We think he is soooooo needy, (not Kneady) and sometimes he sticks on Mom like velcro! Maybe we’ll have mom get a hold of Nancy!

  • A very sweet reading for Layla and Merlin……I have always believed that they have a very VERY special bond and relationship. They spend a great deal of time together and communicating with each other. Merlin is still here because of her love and care.

    Pam and Sam

  • Amazing!
    Are we psychics if we think the Mommy might be giving us treats tomorrow?
    HahaMeow! We didn’t think so! (She’s just a sucker for our sweet faces.)

    Happy Monday, furriends.

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