Bachelor of the Week: Bojangles!

You guys!

This week we have a special bachelor. He’s a day late, but he has good reason. You see, he had a serious surgery just two days ago. Here’s a bit about him:

MomFOD was looking at the CACC must save page on Facebook (a heartbreaking endeavor) and there was a little kitty named Bojangles. His siblings were saved but he was left behind because of his physical deformities. However, when St. Sophia’s Forgotten Felines saw him, they stepped up and pulled him out out of there just in time! They offered him as the Bachelor of the Week and, since MomFOD had already heard about him, she knew it was fate to present him here to you!

Without further ado, please meet Bojangles!

Bojangles, walking along on his little knees.
Bojangles, walking along on his little knees.

Bojangles was one of several kittens dropped off at an animal control facility in Chicago. He was unable to walk properly because all four of his legs were bent the wrong way, forcing him to walk on his elbows and knees. While he was able to get around by himself, his growing weight would likely put too much pressure on his joints, causing them to wear out and making things painful for him in the future. St. Sophia’s worked hard to get him the surgery he needed with the right doctor to do the job. As it turns out, his bones are ok, it was his soft tissues and tendons that needed repair. Did his physical difficulties scare them? NO! Did they turn a blind eye when he needed more help than others could provide? NO!

He's so sporty.
He’s so sporty.

St. Sophia’s raised some money for his cause, but poor Bojangles then caught pneumonia and some of his surgery funds had to go to his medical bills for that.

Luckily, Bojangles has finally caught a break. He’s made it through surgery just fine and is not recuperating so that he may find his forever home!

He’s a happy little fellow who loves to snuggle, and we’re pretty sure that once he’s all healed up, he’ll enjoy long walks on the beach, too. And, like me, he has his own Facebook page!

Catching the dangly.
Catching the dangly.

Come over, meet Bojangles, and if you’re so inclined, you may donate to his cause to help pay for his much needed surgery here.




Post surgery. Ready to heal!
Post surgery. Ready to heal!
He doesn't even mind lying on a bed of dogs. What a guy.
He doesn’t even mind lying on a bed of dogs. What a guy.

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  • What a beautiful little boy!!! I’m so glad they recognized his potential—looks like his indomitable spirit and positive attitude (and bachelor of the week status!!) will continue to take this kitten to all the right places. Best of luck, Bojangles!

  • How wonderful that he was rescued! It brings tears to my eyes in gratitude that there are humans who really believe that every life matters…even that of a little, deformed kitten. And that they care enough to invest in trying to give him the best possible life. I pray that he heals and finds a loving home–one that is worthy of him!

  • Poor kitty- I tweeted and put him on Pinterest. I hope he gets a loving forever home.

  • Such a sweet thing! I’m glad he got the surgery he needed, and hopefully now people will stop thinking he’s ‘broken’ and give him a good home.

  • What a cutie. We are SO thankful this rescue grabbed him up and helped him. How sad though that his siblings were initially rescued and he was left behind….we can’t imagine that. But he looks like he is on the road to recover!!

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