Black Cat Appreciation Day: Niles and Gorilla Biscuit

You guys!

Niles looking suave
Niles looking suave

So we’re a little late on this one, but since yesterday was Black Cat Appreciation Day, I wanted to give a shout out to my older brother Niles. Let’s talk about why he’s cool (and this is the only time I’m going to do this):

  • He’s very majestic
  • He has white spots amidst his black hair
  • He’s fifteen and still jumps around like he’s eight
  • He, for some reason, gets to sleep in MomFOD’s bed all night over her head on the pillow holding her hands and licking her nose
  • He always sits with MomFOD when she doesn’t feel well
  • He’s the best at yelling “No!”
  • He sings
Here I am knighting him. He is now known as "Sir Niles!"
Here I am knighting him. He is now known as “Sir Niles!”

Black cats are awesome and are very under-adopted at shelters. To read more about their myths and legends, check out this article we wrote last year:

Black Cats: The Truth Behind the Darkness

Niles, always looking awesome.
Niles,Ā  looking awesome, as always.

Black cats are cool (even though the don’t have stripes that you can see- some of them still do have stripes, you just need to tilt them in the sun a little) and they match anything you’re wearing, so please consider adopting black next time you’re looking for a new family member. In fact, here’s one that needs a home. His name is Gorilla Biscuit and he’s a fighter, among other things.





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