Tuesday Haikusday: Black Cats

I figure I’ll keep the black cat theme going this week. Eh hem…

Wherever I go, there you are.

This fellow is adoptable from Tree House. Ask for Lead Belly. Photo by the excellent John Boehm.

 Black cats are colored

like sleek ninjas of the night.

Footsteps in the dark.


Hunting, eating, sleep.

They cannot be seen at all.

Mission accomplished.


Dressing up nicely?

Black’s for any occasion.

You will wear their fur.

MAN I made them sound SO cool. Here’s what I’d look like if I were a black cat:

if crepes were blackAnd in case you missed yesterday’s video, we have reenacted one man’s story: I peed on my cat.

Has this ever happened to you? Because I had to play the cat that got peed on and man, that was the toughest role I’ve ever had to take on. It took all my strength as an actor not to laugh during that scene. Anyway, here it is.



11 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: Black Cats

  1. MEWHAHAHA! Crepes you look lovely as a panther, so sleek and sexy! Clove and Kaspars almost peed on the bed hearing your latest CAcTing role, and say it’s a good thing it was just pretend. Did this really come from a true story?! The shame the man must feel- it’s not just his girlfriend who will never see him the same way again, what about the poor peed on cat?! I don’t know if I could ever bear to have my cats look at me again, the respect I would lose! Not that they have much respect for me now, but at least I have SOME!!

  2. Enjoyed the video! It has been years since I have been able to go to the bathroom by myself! I usually have 1 to 3 cats join me if I don’t close the door…and if I do close the door…they are pawing at it and making a fuss. It is easier to let them join the party!

    I love black cats, so here goes…

    Black cats are so cool
    They have cat class and cat style
    Slinking through the night

    In the dark shadows
    They sit, waiting and watching
    As the world goes by

    Humans yearn to learn
    The wisdom of the ages
    That black cats possess

Stumps up? Stumps down? What are your thoughts?