Exile: Day 21

I’m still here. Now I’ve found this:


Me with the strange “Radio Shack” device. Why not Radio House? Or Radio Mansion? Underachievers, I’m guessing.

It seems to be some sort of strange device with which I might contact aliens or perform drain cleaning. It also has a knob on the front, and yet I can’t seem to change the station. It’s just stuck on this picture of MomFOD from like 2001. Perhaps it’s a broken digital picture frame? Or a portal into the past? I’m willing to believe anything, at this point. This place remains impervious to logical thought.

I have only one haiku for you today:

Home Home Home Home Home.

Home Home Home Home Home Home Home.

Home Home Home Home. Please.

.I sure hope I don’t get home and find out that they’ve replaced us with newer model kittens. Hah. Doubtful. Right?



PS. Check out MomFOD discussing living with me, a TRIPAWD, on this neat podcast from Tripawds! They’re a really cool community for people living with three-legged animals, like moi. You can visit them here. I give them a big STUMPS UP! Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Exile: Day 21

  1. Hey, Crepes, I think MomFOD is trying to teach you the meaning of “Back in the Day!” And no, you cannot be replaced with new kitten models! Lololol! Hang in there.

  2. home… home on de range ♫♫
    wear de deer & gazelle USED….. ta play ♪
    eye said good bye…roast em on high♫♫♪
    eye izza a carnevore …what can♫♫
    eye say ♪

    az sung by boomers dad on fatherz day

  3. Underachievers, for sure! Who wants a shack when you can have a mansion? Ohhh… Wait a minute… What about fishin’ shacks? I wouldn’t find one of those, myself!

    Nissy #Niss4Senate – tell the PM, today.

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