Bachelor of the Week: Ivan!

World, meet Ivan.

He's terrific, obviously. (graphic c/o Layla Morgan Wilde at

He’s terrific, obviously. (graphic c/o Layla Morgan Wilde at

Ivan has a sad story. You see, he was adopted when he was a tiny kitten and lived more than 8 years in a lovely home – until his owner decided to move and leave him behind. How? And why? We don’t know. What we do know is that, while he doesn’t have any specific physical issues, he’s very depressed to be in his situation and needs to find a home soon. Very soon.

Ivan is the creamsicle of cats. He’s orange and white and he’ll melt if you leave him alone for too long. He’ll also melt if you love and cuddle him and make him purr. My point is, like a creamsicle, he’ll melt no matter what you do and also, he looks scrumptious and will satisfy your craving for something sweet.  He loves stuffing himself into small wicker baskets, cuddling, and reading in the litter box. He’s also very well behaved.

He lives at the New Rochelle Humane Society in New York, but he could live with you, instead. Just ask him. I’ll bet he’ll say yes.

Ivan doing some litter box reading. Perhaps he's reading about the CATastrophe Web Series.

Ivan doing some litter box reading. Perhaps he’s reading about the CATastrophe Web Series.



PS.  I’ve recovered another reconnaissance photo of Rocky. It would appear he’s being held hostage in a place that’s, I don’t know, on the edge of the world. There’s nothing behind him. One false move and he’ll fall right off that couch. I need to find him quick! What is this world?!

Don't go into the light, Rocky.

Don’t go into the light, Rocky.


13 thoughts on “Bachelor of the Week: Ivan!

  1. I hope Ivan finds a home soon. I just don’t understand how people can leave behind their pets when they move. I could never do that to my cat. He’s my best bud! Good luck Ivan; I hope you find a loving person to take you in.

  2. Ivan is gorgeous… confused animals must be to feel safe and secure one minute then abandoned by a human they trust. So sad…..I hope he gets adopted ASAP!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  4. I am happy to inform all of you that we adopted Ivan, and he lives in a fancy upper east side apartment building in Manhattan with my elderly mother, where he is loved, cuddled, and spoiled rotten. He’s been there since the end of summer, 2014, and there couldn’t be a more perfect cat/person match on this earth! He’s doing great.

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