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Since I ran a piece on two pets yesterday who are missing, I wanted to follow up on that today with a post about what to do if your pets get lost! I can’t imagine being lost (I’m in exile, though, in case you forgot) and I know that my DadFOD would panic if I got away. He’d probably curl up into a little ball inside the couch or something and wouldn’t know what to do. That’s where the new ASPCA app comes in handy!

This is how DadFOD would look if I got lost.
This is how DadFOD would look if I got lost.

In its very first interactive app, the ASPCA has put everything you need into one place for easy access. Upon opening the app, you get a news stream of the latest ASPCA news. If you go to the menu, you have options for “missing,” “disasters,” “records” and more.

If your pet goes missing, the app takes you through a series of questions to help you narrow down where your pet might be. For instance, is it a cat or a dog? Does he do well with strangers? Are there lots of places to hide? Where was he last seen? Then it comes up with a list of places for you to check and things to do, which is really helpful in a panic situation.

It even helps you make a missing pet flier with a photo of your pet from your phone that you can send out to all your social media channels, saving valuable time.

If your pet is lost, this app helps you become your own detective!
If your pet is lost, this app helps you become your own detective!

The “disasters” option gives you a checklist to prepare for storms or other natural disasters that might take you out of your house. You can even store your pet’s records, microchip ID number, and vet and medical information in the program for easy access.

The app doesn’t ask for any bizarre permissions, just for access to your photo gallery. It’s small at 4mb and seems pretty streamlined. The ASPCA also gives you a direct link to its twitter account and to information on its organization and Instagram stream. If you like the ASPCA, it’s a great way to keep in touch with the added bonus of helping your pet in the event of an emergency!

You can download the app for free on iPhone and Android.

Stay safe!



**Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by the ASPCA. We share this information with you because we feel it could be valuable to you in the event of a pet loss.**


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