Bachelor of the Week: Peeky!

Consider this the Bachelor: Exile Edition. I am now in exile, officially. That’s why my post is a bit late. I will be reporting to you regarding my findings as the days wear on. Until then… let’s meet Peeky!
Surprise! I'm Peeky.
Surprise! I’m Peeky.
Peeky is an eight and a half year old fellow with expressive eyes and stomatitis. He was returned to Save-A-Pet when his people moved abroad. Rather than take him with, they decided to leave him behind. Le sigh. (In the event that you are moving abroad, please know that you CAN take your cats with you to most places and Save-A-Pet is happy to offer advice on how to do so).
Peeky, unlike his name would suggest, is not a crab. (I refer to the PeekyToe crab, which I hear is tasty. I don’t know if Peeky is tasty. I haven’t bathed him.) He’s sensitive, independent, and loving. Peeky loves the quiet things in life. He has chosen a child-free lifestyle but would happily welcome another cat or cats into his heart.
Peeky is looking for an adopter to shine his love upon, but he also qualifies as a permanent foster, meaning Save-A-Pet will coordinate medical care related to his stomatitis and heart murmur/arrhythmia. Yes, his heart may beat with a little murmur, but those murmurs are whispers of sweet loving sentiments – hopefully, to you. Yes, you.
Will you bring this charming fellow into your life? Will you let his heart murmur sweet nothings to you and his ruptured ear drum beat to the tune of love? I hope so. If you think he’s the love of your life, contact Save-A-Pet Illinois today.
His head tilts to the side because of a ruptured ear drum! But don't worry, that drum beats with love. For you.
His head tilts to the side because of a ruptured ear drum! But don’t worry, that drum beats with love. For you.
He may have no teeth, but his claws are all he needs.
He may have no teeth, but his claws are all he needs.
Resourceful, isn't he?
Resourceful, isn’t he?


PS. Exciting announcement coming Monday. Please check back then for epic news. Hint: It’s about me. And movies.




  • What a HANDSOME fellow is that Peeky. And I LOVE the bottom picture. Yes, resourceful, for sure!

    Nissy #Niss4Senate

  • Peeky is wonderful! So what if he has a few health problems. If I can (as a human) fully function with a heart murmur/arrhythmia and a few missing teeth so can Peeky.. With lots of love (and a good vet) he still has many healthy, loving years ahead of him. If I didn’t live so far away I would adopt him.
    Crepes, Thank You for the post while in exile.

  • He is a sweet boy and obviously loves people. I hope someone will give him a loving home.

  • dood….sendin de best oh fishes two ewe which on two dayz menu iz flounder…that ya finds & R in yur for evers home by joo lie 25th…..crepes, we hope yur exile iz knot like a month oh sundays minus 5 hourz N we iz lookin for werd ta yur monday mewvie mews……did ewe win an oscar ……de trofee… knot de fish … tho de fish wood taste way better 🙂 heerz two a longfinned smelt kinda week oh end ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Aaaaw Crepes hims so gawjus. Meez suwe hopes hims gets a pawsum home soon. And meez can’t wait tu hear yous news.

    Luv ya’


  • Mom has a photo of two of us on top of her legs just like that. Peeky is so adorable. We hate so much that his family was so thoughtless to leave him behind. We’ll be purring and praying for him. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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