Tuesday Haikusday: Jam with Ku

You guys!

Did you know that I have a doggie buddy that loves to do haiku, too? It’s true! And his name is Ku!

It's Ku in a hole! Photo by Jo Danehy.
It’s Ku in a hole! Photo by Jo Danehy.

We decided to do a haiku jam together. Ku’s in purple, I’m in pink. What do you think?

Snow pup wrestle-ing
My favorite kind of play
Me master wrestler

I like to eat bees.
MomFOD says I shouldn’t, though.
Her eyes turned, I strike.

Nalle catches flies
But I play with my spider
Stuffy squeaky toy

This morning, a moth.
Tomorrow, I’ll get that fly.
Also, I hunt string.

Strings are not fur me
Giant ropes to shred are fun
Chew toys to destroy

I like boxes, too.
I’ll take your chew toy boxes
And sit inside them.

I sit on my beds
But Nalle likes to chew them
And sometimes gut them

Gutting is best done
On things that contain catnip
And also on trout.

Now we’re talkin’ fish
Playtime done, now time fur treats
Sardines fur me please!

I will eat sardines
And then I will nap all day
With my dog friend Ku.

Ku recently did a jam with some of my favorite kitties from Da Tabbies O Trout Towne. Check it out! Also, visit Ku to see more haiku at http://haikubyku.com   Woooo Woooo!!!




  • Here is my Pixie Rebuttal:

    The US in World Cup no more
    Yet we are rich in friends not poor!

    They are Crepes and Ku
    They meow and bark..they do not moo

    Animals are they..dog and cat
    And their friendship is where its at

    playing and sharing
    haiku-ing and caring

    snacking (no belgian waffles please!) and loving
    they are Crepes and Ku
    And I luv you!

  • thanx for de shout out
    we loves ewe guys two ewe noe
    even dawg doodle

    thiz haiku iz grate
    who doez knot like play time huh
    N nap timez fun two

    a happee twoozday
    two ewe crepes N two ewe ku
    trout snax all a round ♥

  • Fantastic Crepes and Ku! I always look forward to haikusday. It puts a smile on my face.

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