Bachelor of the Week: Wolfie!

You Guys!

Today’s Bachelor is one of those bad boys that’s really a teddy bear at heart. And also because he looks like a teddy bear with fluffy fur and short legs.

World, meet Wolfie!


First, Wolfie’s resume: He’s 7 years old, he’s done hard time, and he has FIV. Whoops!  Not exactly a mother’s dream, but the story behind it is amazing. Check this out: Wolfie was living in a semi-feral colony in a military prison in Fort Dix, New Jersey. He and one of the inmates became buddies; Wolfie provided companionship, the inmate provided food. As it turns out, Wolfie LOVES food. When the inmate was about to be transferred, he made arrangements to make a donation to a local shelter to provide for the kitties from the colony that he was leaving behind. Wolfie was released from prison and moved into a minimum security shelter – and that was when they found out he had FIV.

Luckily for Wolfie, Tabby’s Place (da da da DAHHHH!!!) swooped in like superman and scooped him up, with a little extra effort since he’s, shall we say, well-rounded. (Did I mention he likes to eat?) They provided a much-needed surgery for his inverted eye lids and he’s now living happily in their FIV colony. I use the term “happily” loosely. He really wants a home of his home, somewhere his belly can gently sweep the floors while he walks on his tiny legs.

Can you be that home? The soul mate for the former inmate? Yes, he’s done time, but he’s reformed! Sure, he picked up the fiv while out on the streets, but he doesn’t care and neither should you. He’s ready to start a new chapter in his life. Will you help him turn the page?

If you’d like to adopt Wolfie, contact Tabby’s Place today! If you’d like to sponsor him until he finds his place, click here. He could really use a little extra support.



"I will pose, but only because you have food." - Wolfie.
“I will pose, but only because you have food.” – Wolfie.
I hear the train a'comin'. It's rollin' round the bend...
I hear the train a’comin’. It’s rollin’ round the bend…


PS. Yesterday, I pulled an Annie Lennox and wore a tie. I would like to assure everyone that yes, I am in fact, a lady cat. That is all.



  • Wolfie dood, you’d totally be the kinda cat with tats. Seriouslies! And you guys are the bestest teddy bears in the WORLD. WORD.

  • Awesome. We had a FIV+ kitty named Wolfie that was the bestest friendliest kitty. I hope this Wolf-man finds his fur-ever home soon!

  • I think that is wonderful that inmate thought of the kitties before he left. Handsome kitty. I hope he finds a forever home. Shared. P.S. Lots of ladycats wear ties.
    Sue B

  • dood……ewe bee rockin….. N St Francis doez knot care bout yur bak ground sew him iz sendin mega blessings yur way ya findz that for evers home by de end oh joon !! heerz two an Antarctic cod kinda week oh end two all ♥

  • Wow! The inmate made sure that Wolfie would be okay after he was transferred? WOW. Readin’ that brought a tear to my eye. Happy tears. So touching.


  • That is one big and handsome man cat! He looks tough, but he also looks like a big sweetie. What an amazing story. Hope he finds his purrfect home soon. Sharing!

  • He is very cute, and it sounds like he’s had some adventures in his life! We will share him on Twitter and hope someone gives him a nice home soon.

  • Wolfie looks like a big armful of love……glad he had eye surgery for those eyelids – that’s really uncomfortable I hear. Let’s hope his FOREVER HOME won’t take FOREVER to find!


  • Wolfie sounds like a bad guy turned good. I hope he finds his forever home real soon…And I’m glad you cleared up the issue of your sex Crepes – you had me confused with the tie xxx

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