Bachelorette of the Week: Babs!

This week, we have the bachelorette that time forgot! World, meet Babs. (Also, World, don’t mention her hair. She’s sensitive about it.)

Babs, wondering what you're doing.
Babs, wondering what you’re doing.

Babs is now 15 years old and has been at Tabby’s Place for seven years. She’s a rather affectionate cat, usually, but can occasionally have moods that are, shall we say, unique. Occasionally, she needs to be left alone, but don’t we all?

Now, don’t say this in front of Babs, but her hair is a little, um, odd. We’ve heard her described as a possum. Now, this could be intentional on her part, but because of her moods, no one wants to ask her, so, we’ll just leave that for another time.

Babs does like to be petted on the head and shoulder area and loves to check out what you’re doing. She’s a fine kitty, really, and does well with other cats and kittens, but would prefer a home without young children. She also has a touch of the kidney disease and is on daily subcutaneous fluids which, according to MomFOD and Rocky, are a breeze to administer.

If you’d like to meet Babs, contact Tabby’s Place. This lady needs to get on her way and make room so another kitty can be saved! Seven years is a long time to wait for someone to choose you. Let’s help end Babs’ wait.

If you can’t adopt but would like to make Babs’ wait more comfortable, you cant sponsor her through Tabby’s Place. She’ll also accept toys, blankets, and photographs of possums, since she clearly likes them.

"Are you looking at my fur?" Babs.
“Are you looking at my fur?” Babs.
"No, seriously, are you looking at my fur?" - Babs.
“No, seriously, are you looking at my fur?” – Babs.
Babs, telling herself that possums are cool, as she falls asleep at night.
Babs, telling herself that possums are cool, as she falls asleep at night.





PS Please share! The more eyes on Babs, the better!



  • Awww… we think Babs is beautiful. Seven hears makes our heart ache for her. We are purring and purring that she finds a real forever home very soon.

  • We think Babs is a beauty and we quite admire her furs. Such great pics. Huge purrs, prayers and good thoughts to Babs for the right and purrfect forever home to come forward to love her and cherish her.

  • Babs looks like a lovely lady and we a purring she will found a loving home soon. Crepes, Socks sure is sorry he missed your party at Scouts, we hopes you will forgive him. We had a thunderstorm and our electricity went on the fritz, it was going off and coming on, going off, coming on to the point Mommy was afraid the computer would be killed if we didn’t leave it shut down. She says on off on off isn’t good for A/C and computers. ~Socks & Family

  • babs….we think ewe bee a gorgeous gurl N we loves yur furz….we hope ya findz that for evers home ya haz been waitin on….reeely quik ore even sooner…♥♥♥♥♥ de best oh fishes two ewe ~~

  • She’s got a great facial expression! Fifteen is a ripe age for a kitty and it sounds like she’s been waiting for a VERY long time for a forever home – no matter how long her forever might be, I hope she finds it.

    Hugs, Sammy

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