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It is once again time for me, Crepes, to act as medium between a reader and Psychic Source.

crepesmediumToday’s question was sent to us by Sierra  (from the blog Fur Everywhere – she does some lovely adoption posts. Check her out!) about her kitty Jewel. The question is:

Could you please ask Nancy if Jewel is in pain? She’s been having a lot of trouble with weakness in her back legs, and I’m not sure what to do. How is Jewel’s quality of life right now? Is she happy/content? Is there anything else she needs?

We sent this question to Nancy with a few photos of Jewel. We did not give her any further information on the case. (Yes, she’s psychic and could have gleaned the information from me, but I’m very guarded with my thoughts. Ask momFOD. She doesn’t have a CLUE what I’m thinking.)  Here’s what she said:

To the Mother of Jewel.


Hi, I appreciate you coming to me about your beautiful Jewel. I looked at her photos, and I do see some pain in her eyes. I do not know how old she is, but she appears to have some type of arthritis in her bones. It seems to be all over her body in different parts. I can tell that when she tries to get up, it hurts her. It seems to me that a Vet should be able to give her something for that. As far as her quality of life, I do feel she is happy where she is, and she feels cared for especially by you.


Jewel, as seen by Nancy (with her eyes, not her psychic abilities)

Jewel, as seen by Nancy (with her eyes, not her psychic abilities)

I would try a heating pad on very low at least once a day. It might help if you hold her while you hold it against her legs, and her back too. That could help her some, but I do feel she needs some type of medication to improve her quality of life. She still enjoys life, and does love being where she is. I would make sure that no other animals can get to her for a while, she needs some rest too.

Jewel. Such a lovely little face she has!

Jewel. Such a lovely little face she has!

As with all animals, a little extra tender loving care will make her feels better too. She is not ready to give up on life.

I send all my Blessings to her and you as well. You’re a wonderful Mother to her.



There we have it! Yet another insightful psychic answer from Nancy at Psychic Source! We are looking for next month’s psychic question, so if you’d like to submit one, put it in the comments here or email me at If you’ve submitted one in the past, please feel free to submit again so I don’t have to go digging thru emails looking for it!

Or, if you can’t wait, you can contact Nancy or one of the other pet psychics at the Psychic Source website here.





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9 thoughts on “Ask the Psychic with Psychic Source!

  1. Thank you Alana and Nancy! We’ve suspected advanced arthritis for a while. We tried Cosequin with her, but it isn’t helping enough. We’re going to try some injections to see if we can get her more comfortable.

    I’m so happy to hear that she is content here. I love her so very much!

    • Thank you for participating! We appreciate your question and hope the reply brings you some comfort! Give snuggles to Jewel for us! She’s so beautiful and we know you care for her very much.

  2. We have tons of questions we would like to know if Arty Mouse is still alive and if she will every come home? We would like to know if Tuiren is happy here? We would like to know why Socks eats the Cuphea?

    We are glad to hear that Jewel knows how much her Mom loves her and is happy with her.

  3. Awww, we love Jewel and are glad that she is happy. Hope her mom and vet are able to find a medicine that works for her.

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