Crepes Kidnaps A String

You guys!

I’ve never felt so alive! Let me tell you about how I kidnapped a string. It was the most epic thing I’ve ever done. OK. So get this. Mom has this bush. It’s HUGE. Like eight stories tall. And there, somewhere around the fourth floor, was a string tied in a bow. I saw it waving about in the wind and I knew what I had to do. It took daring. It took balance. It took stealth.

I found this photographic proof on the computer. They must have been taken with the security camera. Check me out:

I hop up onto the giant pot.

I hop up onto the giant pot with a look of intensity.

I size up the situation.

I size up the situation.

With a fierce battle cry, I leap into action!

With a fierce battle cry, I leap into action!

The leap into action.

The actual leap into action.

I make off with my spoils.

I make off with my spoils.





PS. Alana here. There’s no security camera (unless you’re a robber. Then yes, there’s a security camera.) I took those photos of Crepes while she was hopping up onto the rather small potted forsythia bush to steal the string I had tied there to minimize wind damage. She did quite well balancing on one back leg, I’ll give her that. However, here’s the part she left out: after stealing the string, I tried to get it back, but she ran off into the house by busting through the screen door and doing a tuck and roll. She did not lie about it being epic.  I found her in the bedroom licking the string. Here’s what she forgot to show you:

Screen damage.

Damage from Crepes’ epic tuck and roll escape.





30 thoughts on “Crepes Kidnaps A String

  1. Crepes you really crack us up…we love your tall tales! You are a Ladycat after my own heart as I have a string addiction and admire the lengths you went to to hold onto it once it was in your paws! Have a great weekend! (Are you out of exile now?)

  2. Crepes, thank you for making me smile. I had to put my sweet Natasha Velvetpaws down at around 11:00 PM last night and could not sleep–hence my computer surfing. The specialist told me 3 hours earlier that he thought we would have a good outcome. I told him I had a bad feeling about it. Driving home after I visited her, I saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. It looked like a glimpse of heaven–and now I know it was… I told myself I was imagining things, but I knew in my heart I was wrong. The vet called me and said she was crashing…so I rushed back to the vet’s so I could be there for her final moments on this earth. I miss her so…she was only six years old…she was my beautiful, floofy, tabby girl, with an enormous array of whiskers and a heart of gold.

    • So sorry for your loss, Fuzzmother. I am sure that Natasha felt your love travel with her over the Rainbow Bridge.

    • So sorry for your loss, I lost my girl a few months ago. It is never easy, yet is the ultimate act of love for our fur kids to ease their suffering and/or keep it from getting to that point. Fly free beautiful Natasha Velvetpaws, you will be loved always.

  3. Crepes, this was a truly EPIC adventure, and the “security camera” footage of you is amazing. You are a might string warrior!! Does this also mean your exile is over and you have moved back home? Huzzah!!

    • I am home temporarily. Apparently, there is still “work” to be done and the exile shall repeat itself. I know no solace. – Crepes.

  4. Crepes, You are a CHAMPION! I love your careful planning and attack. Our local paper, The Cape Cod Times, has an article entitled “Thriving on Three Legs” written by Saralee Perel. Saralee’s kitty Jordy had one of his hind legs amputated. Maybe you have some tips for her. Her email is
    The bullet points in her article show that she already has a good handle on this!

  5. crepes……thiz ee vent is olympics werthee !!!

    in fact we gived ewe three medals for yur skill, balance, precision, mark, N stealth…

    and they iz ALL GOLD 🙂 🙂 🙂

    by de way….de screen incident haz nothin ta due with yur exile…doez it ?? !!♥♥

    enjoy a grate week oh end, heerz two snapper, sockeye & sole !!

  6. Crepes, you are so brave to be outside like that. Mom let us out last night and it’s just so scary, even though she was sitting on the deck with us. Have fun with your string.

    Pilchard and Mija

  7. You have really mastered those ninja and acroCAT moves niece, you could make this story in to one of your movies: ‘Crouching Crepes, Hidden String’!

    • Ah! you know what? MomFOD NEVER lets me write the scripts. She says the scripts I”ve written don’t have a “plot.” Who wants a plot? It doesn’t even sound good. Say it. “plot.” Bleh. – Crepes.

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