Bachelor of the Week:Gio!

World, meet Gio. I can’t really say Gio, meet world, because I’m not sure Gio’s looking. You see, Gio is so cool, he doesn’t need to look. He just KNOWS. Knows what, you might ask? Pretty much everything.

Gio, doing his thing.
Gio, doing his thing. Which looks like nothing but is really something.

Gio’s got a few years on him. How many? It doesn’t matter, because he’s awesome. With those years comes wisdom, a relaxed attitude, an art for lounging, and a slight bit of constipation. Don’t worry about that last one, though. He takes lactulose daily to keep his insides moving along as smooth as his attitude. Also, it may interest you to know that Gio has FIV, but he doesn’t care, and neither should you.

Gio loves kids, dogs, kittens, other cats, and long walks from the food bowl to the couch. He’ll follow you pretty much wherever you go, like to the ends of the earth, or the kitchen.

If you’d like to meet Gio, he’s stashed away at his bachelor pad in the suburbs of Illinois. I can’t tell you where, though, because I don’t want all his fans to mob his house. Send a shout out to  or visit his Petfinder page here if you want to meet up and hang out for like the next decade or so. Gio’s waiting.



"Is that a kid? He's cool." - Gio.
“Is that a kid? I’m cool with him.” – Gio.
"Is that a dog? I'm cool with him." - Gio.
“Is that a dog? I’m cool with him.” – Gio.
Gio lounging in a wooden item.
Gio lounging in a wooden item.
Gio lounging all by himself, tummy exposed.
Gio lounging all by himself, tummy exposed.
Gio lounging in a little hat.
Gio lounging in a little hat.
Gio in the middle of teaching lounging to a lounging newcomer.
Gio in the middle of teaching lounging to a lounging newcomer.








  • What a sweet boy!!! Just a note here… One of my FIV+ boys was diagnosed with chronic constipation, then mega colon. I can’t even recall how many Vets (and ER Vets) we had seen throughout the years. It took a completely unrelated medical issue for me to finally realize that he had IBD with constipation, instead of the more common diarrhea. He required steroids for another medical condition, and all of a sudden his constipation disappeared… completely. Nope, definitely not mega colon. The steroids have to be started at a high enough dose to bring down the inflammation, then they are gradually reduced to a maintenance dose. Simply put, if the starting dose isn’t high enough, it won’t work. Any chronically constipated cat should see a specialist to determine the cause.

  • dood, ewe haz chillaxin down two an art….best fishes… which wood be trout two day; that ya iz chillaxin at yur new “disclosed location” by mid june !!! ♥

    crepes..hope all be well on de home front ♥

  • What a gorgeous and laid-back kitty! He’s going to make someone VERY very happy. Good luck finding your furever home, Gio!

  • Aaaaw Gio be so handsum. Meez suwe hopes hims gets a home soon.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  • Gio is staying at an undisclosed location? Are you sure he isn’t part of that witness protection program or something? In any case, he looks awesome and any run-ins he’s had, I am sure he is ready to put behind him!

  • Oh Gio, what a cool cat you are! Sending you huge purrs for a loving forever home to come forward that cherishes you.

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