Bachelor of the Week: Hines!

You guys!

Today’s bachelor is a special kitty for several reasons. Let’s list them, shall we?

Hines, purveyor of delicious hot dog- and egg-enhancement sauces.
Hines, purveyor of delicious hot dog- and egg-enhancement sauces.

No. 1: He’s a BlogPaws special project kitty. My MomFOD met his foster mom at a BlogPaws Be The Change session and offered to help out with this post to find him a home!

No. 2: He has diabetes and requires injections twice a day.

No. 3: He makes ketchup.

No.4: I lied about the ketchup, but doesn’t that make an awesome visual image?

Seriously though, Hines is a twelve-year-old kitty from Cleveland, OH, and really, we have to get him out of there. I’ve seen Cleveland and –

MomFOD says I have to be nice. Fine. Moving on, Hines was abandoned by his previous owners, who were going to have him euthanized because they didn’t feel like giving him his meds anymore. Sigh. What sadness to be abandoned so. Luckily, someone stepped up to take him in and she’s now searching for his perma-home.

Hines loves catnip toys, eating catnip, eating food, and getting pets. I think that pretty much touches on ALL cats favorite things. He gets on well with other cats after proper acclimation, and he’s appreciative of dogs and children. If you’re concerned about giving injections, your vet can instruct you on the proper way to do it. MomFOD gives Rocky tons of injections and needle pokes and he still loves her. No biggie!

If you’d like to meet Hines, please email and put “HINES” in the subject line.

Let’s find this guy a home!



Hines contemplating life after a serious dose of both sniffing and eating the nip.
Hines contemplating life after a serious dose of both sniffing and eating the nip.



  • It always shocks me when I hear that people would rather kill their pet than have to do any extra work to take care of it. That’s not love. 🙁

    I am so glad beautiful Mr. Hines got out of there and is on the path to finding a new home. I will share this, but before I do, I am new around here and I was wondering how it works: If someone wanted to adopt him do they have to be local or travel to Cleveland? I poked around your links but I didn’t manage to stumble across the answer on my own.


    • hello, Dareth! In this case, no. One wouldn’t have to be local. I try to work with groups that allow out of state adoption since my blog isn’t just Chicago-based, and in this case, the caregiver is willing to transport Hines out of state. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • In the actions my Phoebe would have done in response to reading this: HISSSSSSSSSS!!!! GGGGRRRRRR!!!!!!!! *sharpens claws while thinking of Hines’ former ‘family’*
    **fat tail whips about violently as assumes the stalk/pounce/surprise attack position whilst imagining she is hunting Hines’ former poor excuse for human beings**

    Thank Bastet for Miss Jaime at for saving this gorgeous mancat and giving him a chance. Having been a Mom to four ladycats with special medical needs, I get so angry when I read about kitties abandoned because of their medical needs especially when it is one where medication that barely takes any time to administer daily is the case! I do not believe there is any justifiable excuse why someone cannot take care of their cat if diagnosed with an illness that requires daily medication and monitoring of your cat the rest of its life, except someone elderly who is being moved to assisted living, terminal illness, or certain instances where someone is in a dangerous living situation and must leave/go in to hiding for their safety. Otherwise one can always find the time, help with cost, etc if they make the effort, a cat is for LIFE- in sickness and in health.
    Then the worst of the worst are those who simply do not want to be bothered or spend the money for a ‘worthless, sick, stupid cat!’ Over the years I have had too many of these kind say rude comments to me, ask me why I was ‘wasting’ my time and money on these ‘damaged, worthless’ beings and besides making me sick, I have had to restrain myself from wanton to beat the crap out of them. In my opinion, these individuals are no more than sociopaths, having no compassion or conscience.
    Paws crossed that sweet Hines finds a loving forever home with a family that recognizes his worth and respects this intelligent soul who deserves every respect one human would give to another.

  • What an awesome post about sweet Hinesy… he is so close to my heart and I cherish you for sharing his story and for putting a humorous twist on a telling tale.
    You are a wonderful person, and so are all of these readers who have shared and the like. Thank you to all.
    Jaime L Smith
    (Hines’ Rescuer)

  • I love your writing style and the picture of the cats. Thanks for sharing. – Petnetio Anu

  • dood….best fishes anda plate oh friez ….heerz hopin ewe R in yur forevers home by months end N yur watchin de Indy 500 ona big screen tee and vee with yur new peepulz…. ♥♥♥

  • Oh my goodness, thankfully you were there to step in. Sure doesn’t sound like a lot of love in his previous home and it’s a good thing he has you guys now!

  • Loved this post and the humour! And what a beautiful boy is Hines hope he finds a forever home real soon xo

  • Aaaaaw Hines is so handsum. Meez suwe hopes hims finds a pawsum home and soon. 🙂

    Luv and Hugs an Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  • Hiss to Hines’ former humans! I am glad he found a safe place until he finds his real home!

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