Day 2 of Abandonment: Guess Where

You guys.

I don’t even have the strength for an exclamation mark today. MomFOD has been gone since yesterday morning. I am alone. I mean, I have Rocky, Niles, Mrs. P and Doodle. Oh, and DadFOD. But I am utterly alone.

Last night, I tried to snuggle DadFOD like I do MomFOD, but he just doesn’t get it. He petted me in reverse, left to right. Unthinkable. And look. Look at this:



DadFOD needs a chart so he can remember to do everything around here. I lose faith in his care taking skills as the minutes tick by. And do you know where MomFOD is? Do you?

I’ll let you guess. It’s 80 degrees there today. That’s your first clue.

I will persevere, here, under the couch, until she returns.



14 thoughts on “Day 2 of Abandonment: Guess Where

  1. Trust me, Crepes, you are getting better care than when I am left with my human’s boyfriend, who forgets to keep an eye on food-stealer Binga while I eat, and whose answer to the way I pick at my food is to lock me up in the living room all night by myself with my food dishes. Okay, well, I actually kind of like being separated from the other cats… but I still think he’s not very good.

  2. Aaaaaw Crepes yous mommy’s missin’ yous tu. And meez bets yous mite kuld use ‘da face’ and git sum weally cool tweats fwum da DadFOD. Hav a Pawsum Furiday, undew da couch!! 😀

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  3. Poor Crepes……abandoned……why is it our Dads just don’t “get it” when it comes to appropriate and proper kitty care when Mom’s away??? What’s with that??? Do you have the phone number handy for the local Humane Society? I suggest you give them a buzz.

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. 80 degreez huh….well, we will guess momfod iz in hot water with yur dadfod…. spesh a lee if him iz out walkin doodle at 4:13 AM coz de dawg willna uze de toy let….

    heerz two a wild whitefish week oh end ♥

  5. Our pawrents left us this weekend too, Crepes. Our “Aunt” Morgan is taking care of us until Sunday. Nobody knows how to care for us as good as Mom and Dad do!!! We’ll be keeping our paws crossed for all of our survivals.

  6. Don’t feel bad, Crepes. When the mom goes to BlogPaws next week…even though the dad-guy will be home with us, she’s still having a sitter come in and check on us. Because she’s afraid the dad-guy will forget to feed us and clean our boxes.

  7. Crepes my Kaspars suggests nipping DadFOD’s ankles or nose each time he pets you wrong, soon he will learn.

  8. Poor Crepes… We wouldn’t trust a human who needs a chart to remember when he has to feed the kitty and pets him reverse ! Stay safe under the couch ! Purrs

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