Bachelor of the Week: John Woo!

Ok, guys. You know I don’t shy away from challenges, and today we have one that I’m going to need your help to solve! Meet John Woo. Pretty, isn’t he? He also talks. And he snuggles. And he LOVES people and dogs. So what’s the problem here?

John Woo, ready to WOO YOU!
John Woo, ready to WOO YOU!

You know how pregnant women worry about cleaning litter boxes because of toxoplasmosis?  Well, John Woo has been exposed to it and it’s in his system. (Incidentally, they REALLY don’t need to get rid of their cats because they’re pregnant if the cat does not have toxoplasmosis, which most don’t.) Alas, it’s not clear if he’ll ever be free of it, so he needs to go to a home that has 1) no preggie ladies, 2) no immuno-compromised people, 3) no young children. He also cannot be in a place where he mixes with other animals UNLESS they also have toxoplasmosis or would not come into contact with his deuces.

Unfortunately, because of his condition, John Woo is unable to mingle with the other cats at Save-A-Pet Illinois, which is where he’s living, so we’re hoping to find him a temporary or permanent foster, if not a permanent family. He’s currently in temporary foster, and before that he was in a cage and would really REALLY like to stay out of it so he can party like it’s 2099, John Woo style, know what I’m saying?

If you decide to take on John Woo’s care, you’d need to watch out for his stool, because that’s where he sheds the toxoplasmosis. I mean, I doubt even if he didn’t have the parasite that you’d be having any weird stool parties where you hide it in people’s pockets or something, but you also would need to take extra precaution by not touching it and thoroughly washing your hands after scooping. Or maybe you could just teach him to use the toilet and flush if you’re industrious.

John Woo requires a daily antibiotic to keep the toxo in check and a pill every 12 hours for his seizures, which I didn’t mention before but don’t have anything to do with his poop and therefore are less fodder for jokes. If you think you can help John Woo out, even for a few months, please contact Save-A-Pet Illinois. He could really use someone asap. For more info on John Woo, click here.  And please share his story and see if we can get John Woo out of the cage and into his own home/party. WOO!

Woo WOO!
Woo WOO!
"I pooped. Watch out." -John Woo.
“I pooped. Watch out.” -John Woo.
Imagine yourself lying beside John Woo. Great, right?
This dog is a photo bomber, but John Woo doesn’t mind, cuz he’s that kind of guy.

Love, Crepes.




  • Purring for this stunning mancat to find his special someone- there IS a purrfect home and pet parent for every cat out there. Kaspars and Sophie dog are crossing all four of their paws for you too John Woo!

  • dood…ewe iz one handsome boy if we may say sew …N we R……sorree de toxmo iz givin ya such a hard time with life in general…but best fishes, toona, trout N flounder, that ya finds thats for evers home by months end…..
    N crepes N crew: heerz hopin everee one haza safe, happee N burd free Easturr ♥

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