Bachelor of the Week: Hachi!

Dear World,
I hope you are well. Today, I would like to introduce you to Hachi, a small pomeranian who has a few needs. Let me give you his information:
Name: Hachi
Weight: 7 pounds
Age: 10
Special Needs: blind, torn ligament in leg, heart murmur
Batting average: 0.0 (he doesn’t play baseball – he prefers hockey)
Now then, let’s discuss Hachi’s needs. He is blind, but he comes when you call him, he’s house trained and crate trained. Also, sometimes his eyes move back and forth a bit.Β  Hachi has a heart murmur but he requires no medication for it and I’ve heard that Co Q-10 supplements are helpful and inexpensive for such things. He also has a torn ligament in his leg, which prevents him from playing hockey and aids in him having a 0.0 batting average, but he’s on a low dose of pain meds, which in turn, makes him quite the happy little fellow! He sometimes hops on it. You can hop too, and call it dancing.
Hachi gets on well with dogs and cats and he really, really, really loves people. In fact, he loves people so much, he would like to go home with one who wants to love and snuggle him so he can retire from baseball forever. (Just kidding. Hachi doesn’t want to retire from baseball. He wants to watch it from the couch. With YOU.)
If you’d like to meet Hachi, he’s in foster care in Virginia through the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. He can be transported to you at no extra cost, even if you’re out of state, as long as it’s a reasonable distance. Call him up. Have a chat. If there’s anything Hachi can do, it’s love you. In fact, he’ll knock it right out of the park. Meet Hachi today.
Hachi enjoying a game from the stands
Hachi enjoying a game from the stands, which happen to be filled with dog food. Lucky him!
Strutting his face.
Strutting his stuff.



PS. Check out the newest CATastrophes video – it’s under one minute and tells you what to do if your cat is scratching up the couch!



  • What a cutie! I hope he finds his forever family soon, he deserves the best life.
    Your new video is pawesome Crepes, your family rocks at making them. I know you deserve most of the credit for directing and producing them, your superior training of your MomFOD and DadFOD is evident. I know Phoebe always felt you should write a book for your fellow cats on the subject, the success of your CATastophes video series would be the perfect example to show your specific techniques. Noms for thought.

  • He is adorable. My kitty who lived to be 20 had a heart murmur. Never bothered him. I hope he finds a wonderful forever home. Shared. Loved the video.
    Sue B

  • best biscuits two ewe hachi…we hope yur in yur new forevers home by de time de stanley cup tournee getz heer …..

    N crepes…..we total lee loves yur commershul….some JETSON theme mewsic wood bee nice πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    • I knew it! I totally wanted a car sound as I ran by, but DadFOD vetoed it. Sigh. It was SO COOL, too.

  • Hachi, is so cute. WE all have our paws crossed that he does find a really nice home soon. And that video is really cute too. Don’t think we will try that solution. Have a great day.

  • I knew about the Blind Cat Rescue, but I didn’t know there is one for dogs, too! πŸ™‚

    Hachi is such a cutie!! Really hope he finds a home soon πŸ™‚

  • Hachi is sooo cute! He is such a happy boy! He should find hims furrever mommy furry soon!! Oh that video was purrfect… tape everything!!! oopsss. that’s sticky. -Katie Kat.

    ….umm Lu Lu said dat Mom lost my head… Plz stops by and helps me find out where Mom left my head!! I needs it back… Shhh I’m not supposed to know… I purr tend to be sleepy agin. Lil Bear.

  • Hachi is so adorable…..I do hope that someone gives him a forever home soon – look at that face!!!! Too cute………


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