Bachelorette of the Week: Mattie!

Yesterday, we met Save-A-Pet Illinois. Today, our bachelorette is one of their residents!

"Oh, hello. I'm Mattie. Do you have a dog?" -Mattie.
“Oh, hello. I’m Mattie. Do you have a dog?” -Mattie.

World, meet Mattie. She’s about 10 years old and she does what she wants when she wants, and that includes her slightly-taboo love of dogs. I mean, I love one dog, but Mattie prefers dogs to other cats, it seems. So if you have a dog and you want a lady cat, this little lady is for you!

Now, I’ve been told she has some “stool issues.” This could mean that she likes to jump on barstools (like me) and then occasionally falls off of them when the angle isn’t quite right (like me), or it could mean she poops on the floor (totally unlike me). She also has a little bit of anxiety, which could be caused by the shelter environment. Mattie’s previous people said she’s very snuggly, and she does, indeed, like to snuggle at night. Let’s hear from Mattie directly:

“There are so many rules in life about what you can and cannot do…and I protest most of them! Who said I have to play or snuggle up with cats when I really love dogs? Cats are okay but I don’t interact much with them. I guess you could say that they are not really my plate of tuna. I also love to play, laser light, cat toys, turbo toys, I’m not picky. Even a paper bag (doesn’t matter if empty or not), and I’m in! I’m quite a confident girl that knows what she wants, or doesn’t want, and when. I’m not the snuggler type during the day, at least in the way most people expect it from cats. At night, it’s a different story and I will often come and lay on your chest or next to you, whether you are sitting in your recliner or trying to get to sleep. So, if you just want an ordinary or average cat, don’t pick me. If, on the other hand, you want a one of a kind cat, then you won’t be disappointed!”

If you’d like to meet Mattie, visit her page at Save-A-Pet Illinois!  The sooner the better, as she really needs her own home.

"I will snuggle you, but later. Later. " - Mattie
“I will snuggle you, but later. Later. ” – Mattie
"Unless you have a dog, you can talk to the paw."  - Mattie
“Unless you have a dog, you can talk to the paw.” – Mattie



  • Oh Kitty,, you are soooo beautiful,, and look so soft,, and I know you must have a beautiful purr too!

  • mattie….best fishes two ewe on….say….weren’t ewe interested in guy lafurr 🙂
    anyway, best fishes N dawg biscuits two ewe on findin that pur fect for evers home…
    N eye understand all bout…other cats….

    tuna of moon

  • Oh Matte, you are too cute. Some of the cats around here love our dog better than the other cats too. We all have our paws crossed for you to find the Purrfect home. Have a great day.

  • Oh, she’s just darling! But Mom says we can’t have her because. . . enough already! Oh, well. Take care, Mattie!

    Tip, Boriska, Natasha, TJ, Kilala, Kaname, Ryoko, & Tiki-Tiki!

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