Tuesday Haikusday: Psyku

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be psychic? I, for one, would love to know what MomFOD keeps in that darned cabinet under the sink that I’m not allowed in. Well, rather than explain, I shall instead wax poetic via Haiku. Eh hem…


If the grass was green

I’d know about it from here.

You can’t lie to me.


Locks help you no more

because I can read your mind.

Give me those cat treats.


My eyes meet your eyes.

You know I know what you know.

It’s not much, really.

Have you ever had a question for a psychic? Well, now’s your chance to ask it! We at CatInTheFridge will be working with Psychic Source to get some answers for your questions! If you have a pet and you want to know something about his/her background, ask! Where did he come from? What was his previous situation before you? Or, do you ever wonder why your two cats are arguing? What about your dog? Is he happy?

If you have a question, leave it here in the comments. One reader will be chosen to have his/her question answered by a psychic from Psychic Source in a blog post next month! Please make sure I have your email address. If your question is chosen, I’ll need to contact you to obtain a photo of your pet to present to the psychic for a better reading. Questions about special needs pets may receive a higher preference (my blog, my rules) but all questions are welcome!



21 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: Psyku

  1. I would like to know if Ms. Phoebe is happy at the Bridge with her sister Černy and doggie sis Dottie, and do they know how much they are missed and loved?

  2. Minchie’s former daddy found him on Craigslist because that owner became highly allergic to him. Nothing is known of his life prior to Craigslist. You would think with how he loves to talk, he’d spill the beans, but he’s keeping mum.

    Great Haikus!

  3. Sorry, but Mom is at it again–she’s right, though, about the teeny brain thing:

    Wish I could read minds
    Want to know all that goes on
    Damn, my brain too small

    Mom suspects that Bean was abused before she adopted him and that he was turned in to the shelter as a “stray” by his owner to get him away from an abusive situation. He also has an almost other-worldly intelligence and awareness. Very spooky! She really wants to know what he is thinking.

    Purrs, Serafina and Ayra

  4. I would like to know about my Sassy’s past. She is FIV+. My husband and I found her as a stray in our old apartment complex. She was already spayed, so she must have belonged to someone at some point, however we had no luck finding her home. She is very irritable and not friendly with other cats, so it makes me wonder what her back story is. Did she have a family who abandoned her or dumped her because she is FIV+? Does she dislike other cats because of fights she has been in (she has a few scar spots on her side where her fur doesn’t grow)?

  5. Great haikus! We’ve been wondering if there is grass outside too. It is snowing today (booo). Thanks for the offer with the psychic, but I have religious issues with things like that 🙂

  6. Crepes..This song(sorta) sprung to me while reading your Haiku

    When I was just a kit I asked my Catmom what will I be?
    Will I be furry? will I be cute? Here’s what she said to me..
    Que Sera Sera..whatever will be will be
    The future’s not ours to see..Que Sera Sera

    When I was young I fell in love and asked my boycat
    what lies ahead? will we have mousies day after day?
    Here’s what he said to me..
    Que Sera Sera..whatevr will be will be
    The futures not ours to see..Que Sera Sera…

    I LUV Doris Day!!! She luvs animals!

    Luv, Pixie xx00xx

  7. The mom thinks we’re psychic…how else would we know it’s time to go to the evil v-e-t before the PTU comes out of the closet??

    We would like to know what’s a head of us healthwise. 🙂

  8. ummm…does emotional/psychological damage count as special needs? If so…then Savannah is definitely in your category…I,personally, have always spoken of her as a ‘special needs cat’ as she languished in shelters over 15 months, no one wanting her, escaping death by a few hours when she was pulled and taken to our rescue where we found her after she was there for 12 months…(3 mos prior in the county kill shelter). She is about 7-8 yrs old. I would give a lot to have even the smallest glimpse into what or how she became so terrified of both people and other cats…was she feral? lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net

  9. Oh wow this is great we have tons of questions. This is what the Mom & us would like to know

    Artemisia – We would like to know if she is still alive and if she will ever come home? We would love to know where she is at and what she has been doing all this time?

    Tuiren – We would like to know if she is happy here with us and why she attacks Fenris sometimes? And why she gets out when she can?

    Scylla – she seems to be happier and that makes us happy, but we would love to know why she finds it necessary to HISS at everyone and everything? And what she is so afraid of? We would also like to know if she has trouble seeing? We kinda think she may have bad eyesight and that is what makes her so fearful.

    Socks – What we can do to make eating just y/d food better? Mom feels really bad when she has to take foods he can’t eat away from him.

    Fenris – Why he always pulls Mommy on the leash and makes her cross? ~Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs

  10. Great haikus! I wrote one once about mom thinking she can wear black clothes around me – I’m mostly white.

    “The mom goes shopping
    Brings home a pretty black dress
    and the white cat laughs”

    Anyway, we would like to ask a question about my brother Buddy. He came to live with us when he was 3 years old. He makes terrible mrowing noises every night to a toy that he brought with him from his old home so we want to know why.

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