D-Mannose For UTI In Cats, Dogs, People

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I think everyone is aware by now that MomFOD is pretty holistic when it comes to our care, so when one of us ended up with symptoms of a UTI, MomFOD (after phoning the vet, going in for an exam, and getting other meds) reached into her own drawer of supplements and pulled out D-Mannose with cranberry to help with the healing process.

Me contemplating my urinary tract health.
Me contemplating my urinary tract health.

What is it: D-Mannose is a sugar that is related to glucose and is extracted from cranberries and some other fruits like apples and peaches.

What does it do: D-Mannose purportedly stops foreign cells from sticking to the walls inside the bladder and urinary tract by attaching to those cells and flushing them from the body, preventing or resolving a urinary tract infection. This includes the E-coli virus, a common source of most UTIs, and it can also help flush crystals in cats with blockage issues, according to this article.

Safety: D-Mannose is considered generally safe and we found no reported side-effects in our research or at-home use. Some users may report bloating and sources say very high doses may lead to kidney problems.

Side Effects: Bloating was the only one our research came up with.

Where to find it: Most natural health stores carry it in the supplements section. It’s often packaged in capsules with vitamin C and cranberry extract.

Now, I’m no doctor, and neither is MomFOD, but we believe that D-Mannose is an excellent item to keep in the health cabinet and is especially helpful for travel and vacations. MomFOD doesn’t leave home without it! (I mean, she goes to the grocery stores and the gym and stuff but not, like, overseas without it.)

You can use the basic powder, a capsule with a combination of D-Mannose and cranberry, or find treats for your dogs and cats that contain it as an ingredient.

This is the type we use for the people in the house.
This is the type we use for the people in the house.

If you suspect that your cat or dog (or you) has a UTI, check with your vet (or doctor) to determine severity and decide whether or not D-Mannose is the right treatment for you. If your cat or dog suffers from recurrent UTIs, ask your doctor about preventative supplementation. In a world with too much anti-biotic use, it’s always nice to have an alternative treatment.



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**We were not paid for this post. All opinions are our own and, while we show you what we use for ourselves, we are not specifically endorsing any product.**


  • After 3 rounds of Amoxicillin from the vet– the UTI kept returning after 2 days off Amox each time– I decided to try alternative remedies. D-Mannose WORKED after the antibiotics DID NOT! It’s my go-to for pee problems now!

  • Hi Crepes!! Very informative!! I must ask..do you have a gold plated litter scoop? Wow! Luv Pixie xx00xx

  • That is very good information.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    WE purr you are doing well in that department Crepes 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  • crepes….knot ta bee all gross boy talk her but ya due noe ya gotta lift de toy let lid ta use it…that way itz knot gettin on de seet 🙂

    seer ee iz lee tho…thanx for this tip….we try N stay az holistic as we can heer in TT ♥

  • This is great information. We sure will look into getting some since we have such a large population here and can’t always go the vets but our vets are also very good to us.
    Take care.

  • always a joy to find other blogs talking about alternative options! Thank you for sharing

  • Great article! I really respect how your MomFOD works with the vet AND holistic remedies to keep you guys healthy….that’s love! (And it’s great knowledge for the rest of us.)

  • Yes, yes, yes!!! D-Mannose was a godsend for Tara. With her diabetes, every couple months she was getting painful, bloody UTI’s. I researched D-Mannose, gave it to her everyday, and for the next year she only had one very mild UTI. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  • Love this. I am all about alternative/holistic treatments rather than antibiotics. I will make note of this for when/if my kitties ever show signs of a UTI!

  • this is very interesting,, my mommy gives me yogurt

  • Very interesting. Our Mommy knew (and has used) cranberry supplements for humans, but she had know idea that us furbabies could use them! Thanks for sharing this info.
    Have a great Monday!

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