The Grooming Report: Mrs. Peabody

Today’s Grooming Report is brought to you by Mrs. Peabody.

Right now we’re seeing intermittent showers with a downpour of intense grooming coming in around noon. After that, we’re likely to see some serious napping taking place on the upper pillows for the afternoon hours, followed by another nap after dinner time. Usually the presence of Peabody indicates some storm clouds on the horizon, so don’t forget to bring your umbrellas.

Mrs. Peabody, your grooming weather girl for this week.
Mrs. Peabody, your grooming weather girl for this week.

Also, please remember to vote for our friends at Tree House! They’re HUGE proponents of special needs cats and without them, there’d be no grooming report to give you today, so please help them get that new reception room from Ikea! Those kitties could use some new couches!

To vote, visit Scroll down to find the voting link (click here if you can’t find it) and then vote! You can vote once a day per email address. Make sure to choose the Schaumburg area to find us.

Voting will be from from March 17 – March 28, 2014 – cast your vote now and help us win!


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