Confession Friday: I Brew Kefir Soda

Don’t worry, it’s totes legal. And it’s delicious!

Me watching the kefir grains rise and fall, like the tides of the universe.
Me watching the kefir grains rise and fall, like the tides of the universe.

Many of you have heard about kefir that’s made with milk, but fewer people know what kefir water is. Kefir water is fairly similar in that one uses small colonies of bacteria and yeast to convert sugars into a probiotic drink with health benefits. It’s an excellent substitute for those that have dairy allergies (MomFOD) or who are began vegan but want to consume probiotics for intestinal health. The water, through a process of secondary fermentation, can be turned into something that resembles soda. It makes an excellent replacement for sugary drinks that have no benefit to your health. MomFOD’s favorite here is the bubbly lemonade. Yum!

Why do I bring it up? Well, probiotics are excellent for your pets! Rocky is taking them per his doctor’s orders for his stomach upset. Many sources on the internet point out that you can feed your pets milk kefir, water kefir, and even the extra kefir grains as a source of probiotics. MomFOD has eaten the extra grains herself, and just recently tried them out on us! I wouldn’t eat them. In fact, none of the cats would, but Doodle was sure pleased to slurp them up!

If you want to use kefir on your pet, consult your veterinarian first. Pets may have issues with cow’s milk, although after it’s been turned into kefir, over 99% of the lactose will have been removed. Goat’s milk kefir might be a better choice that cow’s. Water kefir might still have some sugar left in it, so keep that in mind, as well.  Again, please consult your veterinarian and use your own judgement.

My overly fizzy attempt at Kefir Cider.
My overly fizzy attempt at Kefir Cider.


If you’re new to kefir, start drinking it slowly and work your way up to larger amounts to avoid any major digestive upset after the influx of probiotics.

For more information about water kefir, you can read this excellent FAQ from a place that sells kefir grains or this website that answers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about brewing kefir at home.

My brew corner. Those are kombuchas there.
My brew corner. Those are kombuchas there.

What do you guys think? Would you try brewing kefir?  Do you want to know more about it? If there’s interest, we can do another post about how to make delicious sparkling kefir lemonade! Let us know!



PS. I’m not a doctor, although I sometimes play one on TV, so please do some extra research and make sure you check with your veterinarian or your own doctor before making any decisions that could affect you or your pet’s health.



  • I don’t believe I am as brave an open to new tastes as your MomFOD Crepes. I cannot even stomach soy milk or any kind of milk, however I applaud your MomFOD sharing this info for those that may benefit and not be as picky as me, it obviously has wonderful health benefits. I do take probiotics to help with some health issues and doing so has made me feel better than any prescribed medication ever has. If kefir came in an odorless, tasteless pill form then I guess I WOULD take it– but that’s the only circumstance.

  • Interesting!! My humans Doctor was recommending pro-biotics for her so I say..if its good for the goose its good for the gander!! My human thought of you today..she went by a place that said “Hot Crepes, All Day” mmm..resturant? peep show? hehhhehe Luv, Pixie

  • I had never heard of this before. Very interesting. I just started probiotic supplements on one of my kitties. Hoping it helps him.
    Sue B

    • Probiotics are helpful for everyone, it seems. Good luck! Let us know how it goes. Rocky’s are helping, we think.

  • crepes…WE NEW we had seen ewe sum place bee fore….we had de ah haa… moe mint ..when ewe said ewe iz knot a doctor but ewe haz played one on tee vee…..thatz wear we noe ewe frum…de tee vee show that we wont menshun sinz ewe left & we dont want de show gettin any royal teez…..hope everee one haza one fish two fish red fish blue fish kinda week oh end !!

  • Very interesting. I give Tommie fortiflora- a probiotic that’s made for cats. I think it helps his digestion.

  • I do not drink alcohol.. when I first started brewing water kefir I actually got a wee little buzz from the alcohol in it.. coconut water water kefir.. even more so..

    • MomFOD also doesn’t drink alcohol. Kefir’s plenty for her! We haven’t done the coconut water one yet but plan to when we’ve figured out the other things going on with our kombucha. too many jars on the dance floor. – Crepes.

    • Actually, you probably could! If I make a tea out of the nip and then put that in as part of a second ferment – it could happen. Although, i don’t like bubbly things, so MAYBE i’ll just make nip tea and mix it with the kefir. Fascinating! – Crepes.

  • I want to know more about it so I’ll be reading that FAQ. And the sparkling lemonade sounds especially yummy.

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